1 Samuel

CLV(i) 1 And there is a certain man of Ramathaim-Zophim, of the hill-country of Ephraim, and his name [is] Elkanah, son of Jeroham, son of Elihu, son of Tohu, son of Zuph, and Ephrathite, 2 and he has two wives, the name of the one [is] Hannah, and the name of the second Peninnah, and Peninnah has children, and Hannah has no children. 3 And that man has gone up out of his city from time to time, to bow himself, and to sacrifice, before Yahweh of Hosts, in Shiloh, and there [are] two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, priests to Yahweh. 4 And the day comes, and Elkanah sacrifices, and he has given to Peninnah his wife, and to all her sons and her daughters, portions, 5 and to Hannah he gives a certain portion--double, for he has loved Hannah, and Yahweh has shut her womb;" 6 and her adversity has also provoked her greatly, so as to make her tremble, for Yahweh has shut up her womb. 7 And so he does year by year, from the time of her going up into the house of Yahweh, so it provokes her, and she weeps, and does not eat. 8 And Elkanah her husband said to her, `Hannah, why weep you? and why do you not eat? and why is your heart afflicted? am I not better to you than ten sons?. 9 And Hannah rises after eating in Shiloh, and after drinking, and Eli the priest is sitting on the throne by the side-post of the temple of Yahweh. 10 And she is bitter in soul, and prays unto Yahweh, and weeps greatly, 11 and vows a vow, and said, `Yahweh of Hosts, if You do certainly look on the affliction of Your handmaid, and have remembered me, and do not forget Your handmaid, and have given to Your handmaid seed of men--then I have given him to Yahweh all days of his life, and a razor does not go up upon his head.. 12 And it has been, when she multiplied praying before Yahweh, that Eli is watching her mouth, 13 and Hannah, she is speaking to her heart, only her lips are moving, and her voice is not heard, and Eli reckons her to be drunken. 14 And Eli said unto her, `Until when are you drunken? turn aside your wine from you.. 15 And Hannah answers and said, `No, my lord, A woman sharply pained in spirit I [am], and wine and strong drink I have not drunk, and I pour out my soul before Yahweh;" 16 put not your handmaid before a daughter of worthlessness, for from the abundance of my meditation, and of my provocation, I have spoken hitherto.. 17 And Eli answers and said, `Go in peace, and the Elohim of Israel does give your petition which you have asked of Him.. 18 And she said, `Let your handmaid find grace in your eyes;' and the woman goes on her way, and eats, and her countenance has not been [sad] for it any more. 19 And they rise early in the morning, and bow themselves before Yahweh, and turn back, and come in unto their house in Ramah, and Elkanah knows Hannah his wife, and Yahweh remembers her;" 20 and it comes to pass, at the revolution of the days, that Hannah conceives, and bears a son, and calls his name Samuel, `for, from Yahweh I have asked him.. 21 And the man Elkanah goes up, and all his house, to sacrifice to Yahweh the sacrifice of the days, and his vow. 22 And Hannah has not gone up, for she said to her husband, `Till the youth is weaned--then I have brought him in, and he has appeared before the face of Yahweh, and dwelt there--unto the eon.. 23 And Elkanah her husband said to her, `Do that which is good in your eyes; abide till your weaning him; only, Yahweh establish His word;' and the woman abides and suckles her son till she has weaned him, 24 and she causes him to go up with her when she has weaned him, with three bullocks, and one ephah of flour, and a bottle of wine, and she brings him into the house of Yahweh at Shiloh, and the youth [is but] a youth. 25 And they slaughter the bullock, and bring in the youth unto Eli, 26 and she said, `O, my lord, your soul lives! my lord, I [am] the woman who stood with you in this [place], to pray unto Yahweh;" 27 for this youth I prayed, and Yahweh does give to me my petition which I asked of Him;" 28 and also I have caused him to be asked for Yahweh, all the days that he has lived--he is asked for Yahweh;' and he bows himself there before Yahweh.