Amos 5:4-8

  4 H559 For thus saith H3068 Jehovah H1004 unto the house H3478 of Israel, H1875 Seek H2421 ye me, and ye shall live;
  5 H1875 but seek H1008 not Beth-el, H935 nor enter H1537 into Gilgal, H5674 and pass H884 not to Beer-sheba: H1537 for Gilgal H1540 shall surely H1540 go into captivity, H1008 and Beth-el H205 shall come to nought.
  6 H1875 Seek H3068 Jehovah, H2421 and ye shall live; H6743 lest he break out H784 like fire H1004 in the house H3130 of Joseph, H398 and it devour, H3518 and there be none to quench H1008 it in Beth-el.
  7 H2015 Ye who turn H4941 justice H3939 to wormwood, H3240 and cast down H6666 righteousness H776 to the earth,
  8 H6213 seek him that maketh H3598 the Pleiades H3685 and Orion, H2015 and turneth H6757 the shadow of death H1242 into the morning, H3117 and maketh the day H2821 dark H3915 with night; H7121 that calleth H4325 for the waters H3220 of the sea, H8210 and poureth them out H6440 upon the face H776 of the earth H3068 (Jehovah H8034 is his name);