1 Chronicles 23:27-32

  27 H314 For by the last H1697 words H1732 of David H3881 the Levites H4557 were numbered H6242 from twenty H8141 years H1121 old H4605 and above:
  28 H3588 Because H4612 their office H3027 was to wait H1121 on the sons H175 of Aaron H5656 for the service H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD, H2691 in the courts, H3957 and in the chambers, H2893 and in the purifying H3605 of all H6944 holy H4639 things, and the work H5656 of the service H1004 of the house H430 of God;
  29 H3899 Both for the show bread, H4635 H5560 and for the fine flour H4503 for meat offering, H4682 and for the unleavened H7550 cakes, H4227 and for that which is baked in the pan, H7246 and for that which is fried, H3605 and for all H4884 manner of measure H4060 and size;
  30 H5975 And to stand H1242 every morning H3034 to thank H1984 and praise H3068 the LORD, H3651 and likewise H6153 at even:
  31 H5927 And to offer H3605 all H5930 burnt H3068 sacrifices to the LORD H7676 in the sabbaths, H2320 in the new H2320 moons, H4150 and on the set H4150 feasts, H4557 by number, H4941 according to the order H8548 commanded to them, continually H6440 before H3068 the LORD:
  32 H8104 And that they should keep H4931 the charge H168 of the tabernacle H4150 of the congregation, H4931 and the charge H6944 of the holy H4931 place, and the charge H1121 of the sons H175 of Aaron H251 their brothers, H5656 in the service H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD.