Tarry - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G3306, meno ]
to abide," is translated by the verb "to abide," in the RV, for AV, "to tarry," in Matthew 26:38; Mark 14:34; Luke 24:29; John 4:40; Acts 9:43; Acts 18:20; the RV retains the verb "to tarry" in John 21:22-John 21:23; in Acts 20:5, AV, "tarried" (RV, "were waiting"). Some mss. have it in Acts 20:15 (AV, "tarried"). See ABIDE.

[ 2,,G1961, epimeno ]
to abide, continue, a strengthened form of No. 1, is translated "to tarry" in Acts 10:48; Acts 21:4, Acts 21:10; Acts 28:12, Acts 28:14; 1 Corinthians 16:7-8; Galatians 1:18, RV (AV, "abode"). See ABIDE, No. 2.

[ 3,,G5278, hupomeno ]
"to endure," is rendered "tarried behind" in Luke 2:43. See ENDURE, No. 2.

[ 4,,G4357, prosmeno ]
"to abide still, continue," is translated "tarried" in Acts 18:18, suggesting patience and steadfastness in remaining after the circumstances which preceded; in 1 Timothy 1:3, RV, "to tarry" (AV, "to abide still"). See ABIDE, No. 6.

[ 5,,G1304, diatribo ]
for which See ABIDE, No. 7, is invariably rendered "to tarry," in the RV; AV, twice, John 3:22; Acts 25:6; "continued" in John 11:54; Acts 15:35; "abode," Acts 12:19; Acts 14:3, Acts 14:28; Acts 20:6; "abiding," Acts 16:12; "had been," Acts 25:14.

[ 6,,G5549, chronizo ]
"to spend or while away time;" "to tarry," Matthew 25:5; Luke 1:21; Hebrews 10:37. See DELAY, No. 2.

[ 7,,G1019, braduno ]
"to be slow" (bradus, "slow"), is rendered "I tarry long," 1 Timothy 3:15; "is ... slack," 2 Peter 3:9.

[ 8,,G2523, kathizo ]
"to make to sit down," or, intransitively, "to sit down," is translated "tarry ye" in Luke 24:49. See SIT.

[ 9,,G3195, mello ]
"to be about to," is rendered "(why) tarriest thou?" in Acts 22:16. See ABOUT, B.

[ 10,,G1551, ekdechomai ]
"to expect, await" (ek, "from," dechomai, "to receive"), is translated "tarry" in 1 Corinthians 11:33, AV (RV, "wait"). See EXPECT, LOOK, WAIT.


(1) In Acts 27:33, AV, prosdokao, "to wait, look for," is translated "have tarried" (RV, "wait").

(2) In Acts 15:33, poieo, "to make or do," is used with chronos, "time," AV, "they had tarried a space," RV, "they had spent sometime."

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words