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* Besides prepositions, the following signify about":--

[ A-1,Adverb,G2943, kuklothen ]
"round about, or all round" (from kuklos, "a circle, cycle"), is found in the Apocalypse only, Revelation 4:3-Revelation 4:4, Revelation 4:8.

[ A-2,Adverb,G2945, kuklo ]
the dative case of kuklos (See above), means "round about," lit., "in a circle." It is used in the same way as No. 1, Mark 3:34; Mark 6:6, Mark 6:36; Luke 9:12; Romans 15:19; Revelation 4:6; Revelation 5:11; Revelation 7:11.

[ A-3,Adverb,G4225, pou ]
an indefinite particle, signifying "somewhere, somewhere about, nearly," has a limiting force, with numerals, e.g., Romans 4:19. In referring to a passage in the OT, it is translated "somewhere," in the RV of Hebrews 2:6; Hebrews 4:4 (AV, "in a certain place"); by not mentioning the actual passage referred to, the writer acknowledged the familiar acquaintance of his readers with the OT. See PLACE.

[ A-4,Adverb,G5613, hos ]
usually means "as." Used with numerals it signifies "about," e.g., Mark 5:13; Mark 8:9 John 1:40; John 6:19; John 11:18; Acts 1:15; Revelation 8:1.

[ A-5,Adverb,G5616, hosei ]
"as if," before numerals, denotes "about, nearly, something like," with perhaps an indication of greater indefiniteness than No. 4, e.g., Matthew 14:21; Luke 3:23; Luke 9:14, Luke 9:28; Acts 2:41; with a measure of space, Luke 22:41, "about a stone's cast." See LIKE.

[ B-1,Verb,G3195, mello ]
(a) "of intention, to be about to do something," e.g., Acts 3:3; Acts 18:14; Acts 20:3; Hebrews 8:5;
(b) "of certainty, compulsion or necessity, to be certain to act," e.g., John 6:71. See ALMOST, BEGIN, COME, INTEND, MEAN, MIND, POINT OF (at), READY, SHALL, SHOULD, TARRY.

Note: Zeteo, "to seek," is translated "were about" in the AV of Acts 27:30; RV, correctly, "were seeking to."

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