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[ 1,,G2521, kathemai ]
is used
(a) of the natural posture, e.g., Matthew 9:9, most frequently in the Apocalypse, some 32 times; frequently in the Gospels and Acts; elsewhere only in 1 Corinthians 14:30; James 2:3 (twice); and of Christ's position of authority on the throne of God, Colossians 3:1, AV, sitteth" (RV, "is, seated"); Hebrews 1:13 (cp. Matthew 22:44; Matthew 26:64 and parallel passages in Mark and Luke, and Acts 2:34); often as antecedent or successive to, or accompanying, another act (in no case a superfluous expression), e.g., Matthew 15:29; Matthew 27:36; Mark 2:14; Mark 4:1;
(b) metaphorically in Matthew 4:16 (twice); Luke 1:79; of inhabiting a place (translated "dwell"), Luke 21:35; Revelation 14:6, RV marg., "sit" (in the best texts: some have katoikeo, "to dwell"). See DWELL.

[ 2,,G4775, sunkathemai ]
"to sit with" (sun, "with," and No. 1), occurs in Mark 14:54; Acts 26:30. In the Sept., Psalms 101:6, "dwell."

[ 3,,G345, anakeimai ]
"to recline at table" (ana, "up," keimai, "to lie"), is rendered "to sit at meat" in Matthew 9:10 (RV, marg., "reclined"); Matthew 26:7; Matthew 26:20, RV, "He was sitting at meat" (AV, "He sat down"); Mark 16:14; in some mss. Luke 7:37 (See No. 5); Luke 22:27 (twice); in Mark 14:18, "sat;" in John 6:11, "were set down;" John 12:2 in the best texts (See No. 4). See GUEST, LEAN, LIE, Note
(1), SET, No. 22, TABLE (at the).

[ 4,,G4873, sunanakeimai ]
"to recline at table with or together" (sun, and No. 3), "to sit at meat or at table with," occurs in Matthew 9:10, "sat down;" Matthew 14:9; Mark 2:15, RV, "sat down with" (AV, "sat ... together with"); Mark 6:22; Luke 7:49; Luke 14:10, Luke 14:15; John 12:2 (in some texts).

[ 5,,G2621, katakeimai ]
"to lie down" (kata, "down," andkeimai, cp. No. 3), is used of "reclining at a meal," Mark 2:15; Mark 14:3; Luke 5:29, RV, "were sitting at meat" (AV, "sat down"); Luke 7:37 (in the best texts); 1 Corinthians 8:10. See KEEP, LIE.

[ 6,,G347, anaklino ]
"to cause to recline, make to sit down," is used in the Active Voice, in Luke 12:37 (also in Luke 2:7, of "laying" the infant Christ in the manger); in the Passive, Matthew 8:11; Matthew 14:19; Mark 6:39 (in the best texts); in some texts, Luke 7:36; Luke 9:15 (See No. 7); Luke 13:29. See LAY.

[ 7,,G2625, kataklino ]
is used only in connection with meals,
(a) in the Active Voice, "to make recline," Luke 9:14-Luke 9:15 (in the best texts); in the Passive Voice, "to recline," Luke 7:36 (in the best texts), "sat down to meat;" Luke 14:8; Luke 24:30 (RV, "had sat down ... to meat").

[ 8,,G2523, kathizo ]
is used
(a) transitively, "to make sit down," Acts 2:30 (See also SET, No. 9);
(b) intransitively, "to sit down," e.g., Matthew 5:1, RV, "when (He) had sat down" (AV, "was set"); Matthew 19:28; Matthew 20:21, Matthew 20:23; Matthew 23:2; Matthew 25:31; Matthew 26:36; Mark 11:2, Mark 11:7; Mark 12:41; Luke 14:28, Luke 14:31; Luke 16:6; John 19:13; Acts 2:3 (of the tongues of fire); Acts 8:31; 1 Corinthians 10:7; 2 Thessalonians 2:4, "he sitteth," aorist tense, i.e., "he takes his seat" (as, e.g., in Mark 16:19); Revelation 3:21 (twice), RV, "to sit down" and "sat down;" Revelation 20:4.

[ 9,,G3869, parakathezomai ]
"to sit down beside" (para), in a Passive Voice form, occurs in the best mss. in Luke 10:39. Some texts have the verb parakathizo, "to set beside," Active form in Middle sense.

[ 10,,G4776, sunkathizo ]
(a) transitively, "to make to sit together," Ephesians 2:6;
(b) intransitively, Luke 22:55, RV, "had sat down together" (AV, "were set down").

[ 11,,G339, anakathizo ]
"to set up," is used intransitively, "to sit up," of two who were raised from the dead, Luke 7:15; Acts 9:40.

[ 12,,G377, anapipto ]
"to fall back" (ana, "back," pipto, "to fall"), denotes in the NT, "to recline for a repast," Matthew 15:35; Mark 6:40; Mark 8:6; Luke 11:37; Luke 14:10; Luke 17:7; Luke 22:14; John 6:10 (twice); John 13:12; in John 13:25; John 21:20 it is used of leaning on the bosom of Christ. See LEAN. In the Sept., Genesis 49:9.

[ 13,,G2516, kathezomai ]
"to sit (down)," is used in Matthew 26:55; Luke 2:46; John 4:6; John 11:20; John 20:12; Acts 6:15.

Note: For epibaino, "sitting upon," Matthew 21:5, AV, See RIDE.

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