Luke 14:31

  31 G2228 PRT η G5101 I-NSM τις G935 N-NSM βασιλευς G4198 (G5740) V-PNP-NSM πορευομενος G4820 (G5629) V-2AAN συμβαλειν G2087 A-DSM ετερω G935 N-DSM βασιλει G1519 PREP εις G4171 N-ASM πολεμον G3780 PRT-I ουχι G2523 (G5660) V-AAP-NSM καθισας G4412 ADV πρωτον G1011 (G5736) V-PNI-3S βουλευεται G1487 COND ει G1415 A-NSM δυνατος G1510 (G5748) V-PXI-3S εστιν G1722 PREP εν G1176 A-NUI δεκα G5505 A-DPF χιλιασιν G528 (G5658) V-AAN απαντησαι G3588 T-DSM τω G3326 PREP μετα G1501 A-NPM εικοσι G5505 A-GPF χιλιαδων G2064 (G5740) V-PNP-DSM ερχομενω G1909 PREP επ G846 P-ASM αυτον
ERV(i) 31 Or what king, as he goeth to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and take counsel whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?