Deuteronomy 21:16 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  16 H3117 then it shall be, in the day H1121 that he causes his sons H5157 to inherit H3201 that which he has, that he may H1121 not make the son H157 of the beloved H1069 the firstborn H6440 before H1121 the son H8130 of the hated, H1060 who is the firstborn:

1 Chronicles 5:2

  2 H3063 For Judah H1396 prevailed H251 above his brothers, H5057 and of him came the prince; H1062 but the birthright H3130 was Joseph's:)

1 Chronicles 26:10

  10 H2621 Also Hosah, H1121 of the children H4847 of Merari, H1121 had sons: H8113 Shimri H7218 the chief, H1060 (for though he was not the firstborn, H1 yet his father H7760 made H7218 him chief),

2 Chronicles 11:19-22

  19 H3205 and she bore H1121 him sons: H3266 Jeush, H8114 and Shemariah, H2093 and Zaham.
  20 H310 After H3947 her he took H4601 Maacah H1323 the daughter H53 of Absalom; H3205 and she bore H29 him Abijah, H6262 and Attai, H2124 and Ziza, H8019 and Shelomith.
  21 H7346 Rehoboam H157 loved H4601 Maacah H1323 the daughter H53 of Absalom H802 above all his wives H6370 and his concubines: H5375 (for he took H8083 eighteen H802 wives, H8346 and sixty H6370 concubines, H3205 and became the father H6242 of twenty - H8083 eight H1121 sons H8346 and sixty H1323 daughters.)
  22 H7346 Rehoboam H5975 appointed H29 Abijah H1121 the son H4601 of Maacah H7218 to be chief, H5057 the prince H251 among his brothers; H4427 for he intended to make him king.

2 Chronicles 21:3

  3 H1 Their father H5414 gave H7227 them great H4979 gifts, H3701 of silver, H2091 and of gold, H4030 and of precious things, H4694 with fortified H5892 cities H3063 in Judah: H4467 but the kingdom H5414 gave H3088 he to Jehoram, H1060 because he was the firstborn.

Romans 8:29

  29 G3754 For G3739 whom G4267 he foreknew, G4309 he G2532 also G4309 predestined G4832 to be conformed to G1504 the image G5207 of G846 his G5207 Son, G1519 that G846 he G1511 might be G4416 the firstborn G1722 among G4183 many G80 brothers.

Philippians 4:8

  8 G3063 Finally, G80 brothers, G3745 whatever things G2076 are G227 true, G3745 whatever things G4586 are honorable, G3745 whatever things G1342 are just, G3745 whatever things G53 are pure, G3745 whatever things G4375 are lovely, G3745 whatever things G2163 are of good report; G1487 if G5100 there is any G703 virtue, G2532 and G1487 if G5100 there is any G1868 praise, G3049 think about G5023 these things.

Hebrews 12:16-17

  16 G3361 lest there G5100 be any G4205 sexually immoral G2228 person, or G952 profane person, G5613 like G2269 Esau, G3739 who G591 sold G846 his G4415 birthright G473 for G1520 one G1035 meal.
  17 G1063 For G2467 you know G3754 that G2532 even G3347 when he afterward G2309 desired G2816 to inherit G2129 the blessing, G593 he was rejected, G1063 for G2147 he found G3756 no G5117 place G3341 for a change of mind G2539 though G1567 he sought G846 it G1567 diligently G3326 with G1144 tears.

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