Acts 10:48 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  48 G4367 And he assigned G5037   G1473 them G907 to be immersed G1722 in G3588 the G3686 name G3588 of the G2962 Lord. G5119 Then G2065 they asked G1473 him G1961 to remain G2250 some days. G5100  

John 4:2

  2 G2544 (though indeed G* Jesus G1473 himself G3756 did not G907 immerse, G235 but G3588   G3101 his disciples), G1473  

John 4:40

  40 G5613 Then as G3767   G2064 they came G4314 to G1473 him, G3588 the G* Samaritans G2065 asked G1473 him G3306 to stay G3844 with G1473 them; G2532 and G3306 he stayed G1563 there G1417 two G2250 days.

Acts 2:38

  38 G* And Peter G1161   G5346 said G4314 to G1473 them, G3340 Repent, G2532 and G907 be immersed G1538 each G1473 of you G1909 in G3588 the G3686 name G* of Jesus G5547 Christ G1519 for G859 a release G266 of sins! G2532 and G2983 you shall receive G3588 the G1431 present G3588 of the G39 holy G4151 spirit.

Acts 8:12

  12 G3753 And when G1161   G4100 they believed G3588   G* Philip G2097 announcing good news, G3588 the things G4012 concerning G3588 the G932 kingdom G3588   G2316 of God, G2532 and G3588 the G3686 name G* of Jesus G5547 Christ, G907 they were immersed, G435 both men G5037   G2532 and G1135 women.

Acts 8:16

  16 G3768 For not yet G1063   G1510.7.3 was it G1909 [2upon G3762 3any one G1473 4of them G1968 1falling]; G3440 but only G1161   G907 [2immersed G5224 1being] G1519 in G3588 the G3686 name G3588 of the G2962 Lord G* Jesus.

Acts 16:15

  15 G5613 And as G1161   G907 she was being immersed, G2532 and G3588   G3624 her house, G1473   G3870 she appealed, G3004 saying, G1487 If G2919 you adjudge G1473 me G4103 [2trustworthy G3588 3to the G2962 4Lord G1510.1 1to be], G1525 having entered G1519 into G3588   G3624 my house, G1473   G3306 abide! G2532 And G3849 she pressured G1473 us.

Acts 19:5

  5 G191 And having heard, G1161   G907 they were immersed G1519 in G3588 the G3686 name G3588 of the G2962 Lord G* Jesus.

1 Corinthians 1:13-17

  13 G3307 Has [3been portioned G3588 1the G5547 2Christ]? G3361 Was G* Paul G4717 crucified G5228 for G1473 you? G2228 Or G1519 in G3588 the G3686 name G* of Paul G907 were you immersed?
  14 G2168 I give thanks G3588 to G2316 God G3754 that G3762 not one G1473 of you G907 I immersed G1508 except G* Crispus G2532 and G* Gaius,
  15 G2443 that G3361 not G5100 any G2036 should say G3754 that G1519 in G3588   G1699 my G3686 name G907 he was immersed.
  16 G907 And I immersed G1161   G2532 also G3588 the G* house of Stephanas; G3624   G3062 the rest G3756 I do not know G1492   G1536 if any G243 other G907 I immersed.
  17 G3756 [3did not G1063 1For G649 4send G1473 5me G5547 2Christ] G907 to immerse, G235 but G2097 to announce good news; G3756 not G1722 in G4678 wisdom G3056 of word, G2443 lest G3361   G2758 [5should be an empty work G3588 1the G4716 2cross G3588 3of the G5547 4Christ].

Galatians 3:27

  27 G3745 For as many as G1063   G907 was immersed G5547 [2Christ G1746 1put on].

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