Isaiah 24:14-16

  14 H5375 These shall lift up H6963 their voice. H7442 They will shout H1347 for the majesty H3068 of Yahweh. H6670 They cry aloud H3220 from the sea.
  15 H3513 Therefore glorify H3068 Yahweh H217 in the east, H8034 even the name H3068 of Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H339 in the islands H3220 of the sea!
  16 H3671 From the uttermost part H776 of the earth H8085 have we heard H2158 songs. H6643 Glory H6662 to the righteous! H559 But I said, H7334 "I pine H7334 away! I pine H188 away! woe H898 is me!" The treacherous H898 have dealt treacherously. H898 Yes, the treacherous H899 have dealt very H898 treacherously.