2 Peter

Thomson(i) 1 Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them who have obtained a like precious belief with us, in the saving goodness of our God and saviour Jesus Christ, 2 favour be to you, and may peace be multiplied by an acknowledgment of God, and of Jesus our Lord. 3 As his divine power hath freely granted those things conducive to life and godliness, and all are ours by our acknowledging him who hath called us by glory and virtue, 4 through which he hath freely made us very great and precious promises, that by them you may become partakers of a divine nature when you have fled from the corruption which is in the world by lust; 5 therefore, having on your part used all diligence for the very same purpose, add to your faith fortitude; and to fortitude, knowledge; 6 and to knowledge, temperance; and to temperance, perseverance; and to perseverance, piety; 7 and to piety, brotherly affection; and to brotherly affection, universal love; 8 for these being in you, and abounding, dispose you to be neither idle nor unfruitful for the acknowledging of our Lord Jesus Christ: 9 for he who is without these is blind, having closed his eyes, having contracted a forgetfulness of the purification of his past sins. 10 Therefore, brethren, use the more diligence to make your call and election sure; for if you practise these you will never fall; 11 for thus there will further be administered to you, bounteously, the entrance into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. 12 For this purpose I will not neglect to put you always in mind of these things, though you already know them, and are established in the present truth. 13 Indeed I think it right, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by admonition; 14 as I know that I must soon lay aside this tabernacle of mine, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath plainly shewed me; 15 and I will use all diligence that you may be able, every one of you, to recollect these things after my departure. 16 For we indeed did not follow artfully contrived fables when we made known to you the power and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; but were ourselves eye witnesses of his majesty. 17 For he was receiving honour and glory from God the Father, when a voice was uttered to him, from the transcendent glory, "This is my Son, the Beloved, in whom I am well pleased." 18 This voice we ourselves actually heard uttered from heaven, when we were with him on the holy mountain. 19 Therefore we have a more complete confirmation of the prophetic word, to which you do well in giving attention, as to a lamp shining in a dark place until the day dawn, and the bringer of light rise in your hearts; 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture explaineth itself, 21 for prophecy was not uttered in former days at the will of man; but the holy men of God spoke by an impulse of the holy spirit.