Psalms 18:20-26

Matthew(i) 20 The Lorde shall rewarde me after my righteous dealynge, and accordynge to the clennesse of my handes shall he recompense me. 21 For I haue kepte the wayes of the Lord: and haue not behaued my selfe wickedly agaynst my God. 22 I haue an eye vnto all hys lawes, and caste not oute hys commaundementes fro me. 23 Vncorrupte wyll I be before him, and will eschue myne owne wyckednes. 24 Therfore shall the Lorde rewarde me after my ryghtuous dealynge, and accordinge vnto the clennesse of my handes in his eye sighte. 25 With the holye thou shalte be holye, and wyth the innocente thou shalte be innocente. 26 With the cleane thou shalt be cleane, and with the frowarde thou shalte be frowarde.