Isaiah 2

Matthew(i) 1 Moreouer this is the word that was opened vnto Esay the sonne of Amoz, vpon Iuda & Ierusalem. 2 It will be also in processe of tyme: That the hyl where the house of the Lorde is buylded, shal be the chefe amonge hylles, and exalted aboue al lytle hylles. And all the Heathen shall preache vnto hym, & the multytude of people shall go vnto hym, 3 speakynge thus one to another: vp let vs go to the hyll of the Lorde, & to the house of the God of Iacob: that he maye shewe vs hys waye, and that we maye walcke in hys pathes. For the lawe shall come out of Syon and the worde of God from Ierusalem, 4 and shall geue sentence amonge the Heathen, and shall reforme the multytude of people. So that they shal breake theyr swerdes & speares to make sythes, sycles and sawes thereof. From that tyme forth shall not one people lyfte vp weapen agaynste another, neyther shall they learne to fight from thence forth. 5 It is to the that I crye (O house of Iacob) vp, let vs walck in the lyghte of the Lorde, 6 But thou art scatered abroade with thy people (O house of Iacob) for ye go farre beyonde youre fathers, whether it be in Sorcerers (whome ye haue as the Phylystynes had) or in calkers of mens byrthes, whereof ye haue to manye. 7 As soone as youre lande was full of syluer and golde, and no ende of youre treasure: so soone as youre lande was full of stronge horses and no ende of youre charettes: 8 Immediatlye was it full of Idols also, euen workes of youre owne handes, which ye youre selues haue fashyoned, & your syngers haue made. 9 There kneleth the man there falleth the man doune before them, so that thou canste not brynge hym a waye from thence. 10 And therfore get the soone into some rock, & hyde the in the grounde from the sighte of the fearful iudge, & from the glorye of his mageste: 11 Which casteth doune the hygh lokes of presumptuous personnes, & bryngeth lowe the pryde of man, & he only shall be exalted in the daye. 12 For the daye of the Lorde of Hostes shall go ouer all pryde & presumpcyon, vpon all them that exalte them selues, & shall brynge them all doune: 13 vpon all high & stoute Cedre trees of Lybanus, and vpon all the okes of Basan, 14 vpon all hygh hylles, and vpon al stoute mountaynes, 15 vpon all costlye towres, and vpon al strong walles, 16 vpon all shyppes of the sea, and vpon euerye thynge that is gloryous and pleasaunte to loke vpon. 17 And it shall bryng doune the pryde of man, & laye mans presumptuousnesse ful lowe, and the Lorde shall onelye haue the vyctorye in that daye. 18 But the ydoles shall vtterly be roted oute. 19 Men shall crepe into holes of stone, and into caues of the earthe, from the syghte of the fearfull iudge, and from the glorye of hys magesty: what tyme as he shall make hym vp to shake the earthe. 20 Then then, shall man caste awaye hys Goddes of syluer and golde (whiche he neuerthelesse had made to honoure them) vnto Moles and Backes: 21 that he maye the better crepe into the caues & rockes, and into the cliffes of harde stones, from the syghte of the fearfull iudge & from the glorye of hys Magestye. 22 Every man can eschue a persone moued in anger, for what doeth he wyselye?