Genesis 15

Matthew(i) 1 After these dedes, the worde of God, came vnto Abram in a vision sayinge: Feare not Abram, I am thy shyld, and thy rewarde shall be exceadynge greate. 2 And Abram answered: Lorde Iehouah, what wylte thou gyue me: I go childeles, and the cater of myne house, thys Eleasar of Damasco hath a sonne. 3 And Abram sayed: Se, to me hast thou geuen no sede: lo, a lad borne in my house shall be mine heyre? 4 And behold, the worde of the Lord spake vnto Abram, sayinge: He shall not be thyne heyre, but one that shal come out of thyne own body shalbe thine heire. 5 And he brought him out of the dores, & sayd: loke vp vnto heauen, & tel the stars, if thou be able to numbre them. And said vnto hym: Euen so shal thy sede be. 6 And Abram beleued the Lord, & it was counted to him for ryghtuousnes. 7 And he sayd vnto hym: I am the Lord that brought the oute of Or in Chaldea to geue the thys lande to possesse it. 8 And he sayed: Lord God, wherby shall I knowe that I shall possesse it? 9 And he sayed vnto hym: Take an heyfer of thre yere olde, & a she gote of thre yere old, & a thre yere old ram, a turtyll doue, & a yong pigion. 10 And he toke all these & deuided them in the middes, and layed euery pece one agaynst an other. But the foules deuided he not. 11 And the birdes fell one the carcases, but Abram droue them away. 12 And when the sunne was downe, ther fell a slumbre vpon Abram. And loo, feare and greate darckenes came vpon him. 13 And he sayd vnto Abram: know this of a surety that thy sede shall be a stranger in a lande that perteyneth not vnto them. And they shall make bondmen of them & entreate them euell .iiij. hundred yeares. 14 But the nacion whom they shal serue, wyll I iudge. And after warde shall they come out wyth great substance. 15 Neuerthelesse, thou shalt go vnto thy fathers in peace, & shalt be buryed when thou arte of a good age: 16 and in the fourth generation they shall come hyther agayne, for the wickednesse of the Amorites is not yet full. 17 When the sonne was downe and it was waxed darcke: beholde, ther was a smokyng furnesse, and a fyrebrand that went betwene the sayde peces. 18 And that same daye the Lorde made a couenaunte with Abram sayinge: vnto thy seed wyl I geue this land, from the riuer of Egypt, euen vnto the greate ryuer Euphrates, 19 the Kenytes, the Kenizites, the Cadmonites, 20 the Hethites, the Pherezites, the Raphayms, 21 the Amorytes, the Canaanites, the Gergesytes and the Iebusytes.