Genesis 15

Coverdale(i) 1 It happened after these actes, yt the worde of ye LORDE came vnto Abra in a vysion, and sayde: Feare not Abram, I am thy shylde and thy exceadinge greate rewarde. 2 But Abram sayde: LORDE LORDE, what wilt thou geue me? I go childles, and the seruaunt of my house (this Eleasar of Damascos) hath a sonne. 3 And Abram sayde morouer: Beholde, vnto me hast thou geuen no sede: and lo, the sonne of my housholde shal be myne heyre. 4 And beholde, the worde of the LORDE spake vnto him, and saide: He shal not be thine heyre, but one that shal come out of thine owne body, he shal be thine heyre. 5 And he bad him go forth, and sayde: Loke vp vnto heauen, and tell ye starres: Canst thou nombre them? And he sayde vnto him: Euen so shal thy sede be. 6 Abram beleued the LORDE, and yt was counted vnto him for righteousnes. 7 And he sayde vnto him: I am ye LORDE, yt brought the from Vr out of Chaldea, to geue ye this londe to possesse it. 8 But Abram sayde: LORDE LORDE, Wherby shall I knowe, that I shall possesse it? 9 And he sayde vnto him: Take a cow of thre yeare olde, and a she goate of thre yeare olde, and a ramme of thre yeare olde, and a turtyll doue, and a yonge pigeon. 10 And he toke all these, and deuyded them in the myddes, and layde the one parte ouer agaynst the other, but the foules deuyded he not. 11 And the foules fell vpo the flesh, but Abram droue them awaye. 12 Now whan the Sonne beganne to go downe, there fell an heuy slepe vpo Abram. And lo, feare and greate darcknes fell vpon him. 13 And he sayde vnto Abram: knowe this of a suertye, that thy sede shalbe a strauger, in a londe that is not theirs. And they shall make bonde men of them, and intreate them euell foure hundreth yeares. 14 But the people who they shal serue, wyl I iudge. Afterwarde shall they go forth with greate substaunce: 15 and thou shalt departe vnto thy fathers in peace, and shalt be buried in a good age. 16 And after the fourth generacion they shall come hither agayne, for the wickednes of ye Amorites is not yet full. 17 So whan the Sonne was downe, and it was waxed darcke: Beholde, there smoked a fornace, and a fyre brande wente betwene ye partes. 18 The same daye made the LORDE a couenaut with Abram, and sayde: Vnto thy sede wil I geue this lode, from the water of Egipte, vnto the greate water Euphrates: 19 the Kenytes, the Kenizites, the Kydmonites, 20 the Hethites, the Pherezites, the Giauntes, 21 the Amorites, the Cananites, the Gergesites, and the Iebusites.