Genesis 14

Matthew(i) 1 And it chaunsed within a while that Amraphel king of Sinear Arioch king of Ellasar, Kedorlaomor king of Elam, & Thideal king of the nations, 2 made warre wyth the kynge of Bera, kyng of Sodome, and wyth Girsa kynge of Gomorra, and wt Sineab, king of Adama, & wyth Semeabar kyng of Zeboim, & wyth the kyng of Bela, whych Bela is called Zoar. 3 All these came togyther to the vale of Siddim, which is nowe the salt sea. 4 Twelue yere were they subiecte to Kynge Kedorlaomor, and in the .xiij. yere rebelled. 5 Therefore in the .xiiij. yere came Kedorlaomor, and the kynges that were wyth hym, and smote the Raphims in Astaroth Karnaim, and the Susims in Ham, and the Emims in Sabe Kariathaim, 6 & the Horims in theyr owne mounte Seir, vnto the playne of Pharan, whyche bordereth vpon the wildernes. 7 And then turned they & came to the well of Iudgemente whyche is Cades, and smot all the countrye of Amalechites, and also the Amorites that dwell in Hazezon Thamer. 8 Then wente out the Kyng of Sodome, & the kynge of Gomorha, & the kynge of Adama, and the kyng of Zeboim, and the king of Bela, nowe called Zoar. And set their men in aray to fyght wyth them in the vale of Siddym, 9 that is to saye, wyth Kedorlaomor the kynge of Elam, and wyth Thideall kyng of the Nacions, and wyth Amraphel kinge of Synear. And wyth Arioch kyng uf Ellazar: foure kynges agaynst fiue. 10 And that vale of Siddim was full of slyme pyttes. And the kynges of Sodome & Gomorha fled, and fel there. And the rasidue fled to the mountaynes. 11 And they toke al the goodes of Sodome & Gomorhe, and al theyr vitailles, and went theyr waye. 12 And they toke Lot also Abrams brothers sonne and his good (for he dwelled at Sodome) and departed. 13 Then came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew whych dwelled in the okegroue of Mamre the Amoritie, brother of Eschol & Aner: which were confederate with Abram 14 When Abram heard that hys brother was taken, he harnesed hys seruantes borne in his owne house, thre hundred & eyghtene, and folowed tyll they came at Dan. 15 And set hym selfe & hys seruantes in aray, & fel vpon them by nyght, & smote them, & chased them awaye vnto Hobba: which lyeth on the lyft hand of Damascos, 16 & brought agayn al the goodes, and also hys brother Lot, and hys goodes the women also and the people. 17 And as he returned againe from the slaughter of Kedorlaomor & of the kings that were with hym, then came the kynge of Sodome to mete him in the vale of Saue, which now is called kinges dale. 18 Then Melchisedech kynge of Salem brought forth breade & wine. And he beynge the prieste of the moste hyghest God, 19 blessed him saying: Blessed be Abram vnto the most highest God, possessor of heauen & earth. 20 And blessed be God the most highest, which hath deliuered thyne enemies into thy handes. And Abram gaue hym tythes of all. 21 Then sayed the kynge of Sodome vnto Abram: Giue me the solles, & take the goods to thy selfe, 22 And Abram answered the kinge of Sodome: I lyfte vp my hande vnto the Lord God moste high possessor of heauen & earth, 23 that I wil not take of al that is thyne so moche as a thred or shoolachet, least thou shouldest saye, I haue made Abram ryche. 24 Saue onely that which the yonge men haue eaten, and the partes of the men which went with me, Aner, Eschol, and Mamre. Let them take theyr partes.