1 Corinthians 15:12-27

Matthew(i) 12 If Christe be preached howe that he rose from death: howe saye some? that are amonge you, that there is no resurreccion from death? 13 If ther be no rysinge agayne from death, then is Christe not rysen. 14 If Christ be not rysen, then is our preachinge vayne, and your faith is also in vaine. 15 Ye and we are founde false witnesses of God. For we haue testifyed of God, howe that he raysed vp Christe, whom he raysed not vp yf it be so that the deade ryse not vp againe. 16 For yf the dead rise not againe then is Christ not rysen againe. 17 Yf it be so that Christe rose not, then is youre faith in vayne, and yet are ye in youre synnes. 18 And ther to they which are fallen a slepe in Christ, are peryshed. 19 If in thys lyfe onelye we beleue on Christ, then are we of all men the miserablest. 20 But now in Christ rysen from the dead, and is become the fyrste fruytes of them that slepte. 21 For by a man came death, and by a man came the resurceccion of the dead. 22 For as by Adam all dye: euen so by Christe, shall all be made aliue, 23 and euery man in his owne order. The fyrste is Christe, then they that are Christes at his comminge. 24 Then commeth the ende when he hath delyuered vp the kyngedome to God the father, when he hath put doune all rule, authoritie, and power. 25 For he muste reigne tyll he haue put all hys enemies vnder his fete. 26 The laste enemy that shalbe destroied is death. 27 For he hath put all thinges vnder hys fete. But when he sayeth, all thinges are put vnder hym it is manifest that he is excepted, whyche dyd put all thinges vnder him.