1 Corinthians 15:12-27

Wycliffe(i) 12 And if Crist is prechid, that he roos ayen fro deeth, hou seien summen among you, that the ayenrisyng of deed men is not? 13 And if the ayenrisyng of deed men is not, nethir Crist roos ayen fro deeth. 14 And if Crist roos not, oure preching is veyn, oure feith is veyn. 15 And we ben foundun false witnessis of God, for we han seid witnessyng ayens God, that he reiside Crist, whom he reiside not, if deed men risen not ayen. 16 Forwhi if deed men risen not ayen, nether Crist roos ayen; 17 and if Crist roos not ayen, oure feith is veyn; and yit ye ben in youre synnes. 18 And thanne thei that han diede in Crist, han perischid. 19 If in this life oneli we ben hoping in Crist, we ben more wretchis than alle men. 20 But now Crist roos ayen fro deth, the firste fruit of deed men; 21 for deeth was bi a man, and bi a man is ayenrisyng fro deth. 22 And as in Adam alle men dien, so in Crist alle men schulen be quykenyd. 23 But ech man in his ordre; the firste fruit, Crist, afterward thei that ben of Crist, that bileueden in the comyng of Crist; 24 aftirward an ende, whanne he schal bitake the kyngdom to God and to the fadir, whanne he schal auoide al princehod, and power, and vertu. 25 But it bihoueth hym to regne, til he putte alle hise enemyes vndur hise feet. 26 And at the laste, deth the enemye schal be distried; for he hath maad suget alle thingis vndur hise feet. 27 And whanne he seith, alle thingis ben suget to hym, with outen doubt outakun hym that sugetide alle thingis to hym.