Psalms 55:16-22

  16 H7121 As for me, I will call [H8799]   H430 upon God H3068 ; and the LORD H3467 shall save [H8686]   me.
  17 H6153 Evening H1242 , and morning H6672 , and at noon H7878 , will I pray [H8799]   H1993 , and cry aloud [H8799]   H8085 : and he shall hear [H8799]   H6963 my voice.
  18 H6299 He hath delivered [H8804]   H5315 my soul H7965 in peace H7128 from the battle H7227 that was against me: for there were many with me.
  19 H410 God H8085 shall hear [H8799]   H6030 , and afflict [H8799]   H3427 them, even he that abideth [H8802]   H6924 of old H5542 . Selah H2487 . Because they have no changes H3372 , therefore they fear [H8804]   H430 not God.
  20 H7971 He hath put forth [H8804]   H3027 his hands H7965 against such as be at peace H2490 with him: he hath broken [H8765]   H1285 his covenant.
  21 H6310 The words of his mouth H2505 were smoother [H8804]   H4260 than butter H7128 , but war H3820 was in his heart H1697 : his words H7401 were softer [H8804]   H8081 than oil H6609 , yet were they drawn swords.
  22 H7993 Cast [H8685]   H3053 thy burden H3068 upon the LORD H3557 , and he shall sustain [H8770]   H5769 thee: he shall never H5414 suffer [H8799]   H6662 the righteous H4131 to be moved [H8800]  .