Ezekiel 22:27-29

  27 H8269 Her princes H7130 in the midst H2061 thereof are like wolves H2963 ravening [H8802]   H2964 the prey H8210 , to shed [H8800]   H1818 blood H6 , and to destroy [H8763]   H5315 souls H1214 , to get [H8800]   H1215 dishonest gain.
  28 H5030 And her prophets H2902 have daubed [H8804]   H8602 them with untempered H2374 morter, seeing H7723 vanity H7080 , and divining [H8802]   H3577 lies H559 unto them, saying [H8802]   H559 , Thus saith [H8804]   H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H3068 , when the LORD H1696 hath not spoken [H8765]  .
  29 H5971 The people H776 of the land H6231 have used oppression [H8804]   H6233   H1497 , and exercised [H8804]   H1498 robbery H3238 , and have vexed [H8689]   H6041 the poor H34 and needy H6231 : yea, they have oppressed [H8804]   H1616 the stranger H4941 wrongfully.