Jeremiah 14:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H3588 כי When H6684 יצמו they fast, H369 אינני I will not H8085 שׁמע hear H413 אל hear H7440 רנתם their cry; H3588 וכי and when H5927 יעלו they offer H5930 עלה burnt offering H4503 ומנחה and an oblation, H369 אינני I will not H7521 רצם accept H3588 כי them: but H2719 בחרב them by the sword, H7458 וברעב and by the famine, H1698 ובדבר and by the pestilence. H595 אנכי I H3615 מכלה will consume H853 אותם׃