Isaiah 39:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H6256 בעת time H1931 ההוא At that H7971 שׁלח sent H4757 מרדך בלאדן Merodach-baladan, H1121 בן the son H1081 בלאדן of Baladan, H4428 מלך king H894 בבל of Babylon, H5612 ספרים letters H4503 ומנחה and a present H413 אל to H2396 חזקיהו Hezekiah: H8085 וישׁמע for he had heard H3588 כי that H2470 חלה he had been sick, H2388 ויחזק׃ and was recovered.