Isaiah 33:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H1945 הוי Woe H7703 שׁודד to thee that spoilest, H859 ואתה and thou H3808 לא not H7703 שׁדוד spoiled; H898 ובוגד and dealest treacherously, H3808 ולא and they dealt not treacherously H898 בגדו and they dealt not treacherously H8552 בו כהתמך with thee! when thou shalt cease H7703 שׁודד to spoil, H7703 תושׁד thou shalt be spoiled; H5239 כנלתך when thou shalt make an end H898 לבגד to deal treacherously, H898 יבגדו׃ they shall deal treacherously