Isaiah 24:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H3671 מכנף   H776 הארץ of the earth H2158 זמרת songs, H8085 שׁמענו have we heard H6643 צבי glory H6662 לצדיק to the righteous. H559 ואמר But I said, H7334 רזי My leanness, H7334 לי רזי my leanness, H188 לי אוי woe H898 לי בגדים unto me! the treacherous dealers H898 בגדו have dealt treacherously; H899 ובגד have dealt very treacherously. H898 בוגדים yea, the treacherous dealers H898 בגדו׃ have dealt very treacherously.