Isaiah 10:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H1471 בגוי nation, H2611 חנף him against a hypocritical H7971 אשׁלחנו I will send H5921 ועל and against H5971 עם the people H5678 עברתי of my wrath H6680 אצונו will I give him a charge, H7997 לשׁלל to take H7998 שׁלל the spoil, H962 ולבז and to take H957 בז the prey, H7760 ולשׂימו   H4823 מרמס and to tread them down H2563 כחמר like the mire H2351 חוצות׃ of the streets.