Isaiah 11:4

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  4 H8199 ושׁפט shall he judge H6664 בצדק But with righteousness H1800 דלים the poor, H3198 והוכיח and reprove H4334 במישׁור with equity H6035 לענוי for the meek H776 ארץ of the earth: H5221 והכה and he shall smite H776 ארץ the earth H7626 בשׁבט with the rod H6310 פיו of his mouth, H7307 וברוח and with the breath H8193 שׂפתיו of his lips H4191 ימית shall he slay H7563 רשׁע׃ the wicked.