Ezra 3:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H5414 ויתנו They gave H3701 כסף money H2672 לחצבים also unto the masons, H2796 ולחרשׁים and to the carpenters; H3978 ומאכל and meat, H4960 ומשׁתה and drink, H8081 ושׁמן and oil, H6722 לצדנים unto them of Zidon, H6876 ולצרים and to them of Tyre, H935 להביא to bring H6086 עצי trees H730 ארזים cedar H4480 מן from H3844 הלבנון Lebanon H413 אל to H3220 ים the sea H3305 יפוא of Joppa, H7558 כרשׁיון according to the grant H3566 כורשׁ that they had of Cyrus H4428 מלך king H6539 פרס of Persia. H5921 עליהם׃