2 Samuel 8:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H5221 ויך And he smote H853 את   H4124 מואב Moab, H4058 וימדדם and measured H2256 בחבל them with a line, H7901 השׁכב   H853 אותם   H776 ארצה to the ground; H4058 וימדד measured H8147 שׁני even with two H2256 חבלים lines H4191 להמית he to put to death, H4393 ומלא and with one full H2256 החבל line H2421 להחיות to keep alive. H1961 ותהי became H4124 מואב And the Moabites H1732 לדוד David's H5650 לעבדים servants, H5375 נשׂאי brought H4503 מנחה׃ gifts.