2 Samuel 3:22

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  22 H2009 והנה And, behold, H5650 עבדי the servants H1732 דוד of David H3097 ויואב and Joab H935 בא came H1416 מהגדוד from a troop, H7998 ושׁלל spoil H7227 רב in a great H5973 עמם with H935 הביאו and brought H74 ואבנר them: but Abner H369 איננו not H5973 עם with H1732 דוד David H2275 בחברון in Hebron; H3588 כי for H7971 שׁלחו he had sent him away, H1980 וילך and he was gone H7965 בשׁלום׃ in peace.