1 Chronicles 11:20

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  20 H52 ואבשׁי And Abishai H251 אחי the brother H3097 יואב of Joab, H1931 הוא he H1961 היה was H7218 ראשׁ chief H7969 השׁלושׁה of the three: H1931 והוא he H5782 עורר for lifting up H853 את   H2595 חניתו his spear H5921 על against H7969 שׁלשׁ three H3967 מאות hundred, H2490 חלל   H3808 ולא   H8034 שׁם and had a name H7969 בשׁלושׁה׃ among the three.