1 Chronicles 11:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H559 ויאמר And said, H2486 חלילה forbid it H430 לי מאלהי   H6213 מעשׂות did H2063 זאת this thing: H1818 הדם the blood H582 האנשׁים   H428 האלה of these H8354 אשׁתה shall I drink H5315 בנפשׁותם that have put their lives H3588 כי in jeopardy? for H5315 בנפשׁותם with their lives H935 הביאום they brought H3808 ולא not H14 אבה it. Therefore he would H8354 לשׁתותם drink H428 אלה it. These things H6213 עשׂו   H7969 שׁלשׁת these three H1368 הגבורים׃ mightiest.