Job 27

Great(i) 1 And Iob proceaded & went forth in hys communicacyon, sayeng: 2 As truly as God lyueth (which hath taken awaye my iudgement) and the Almightie, that hath vexed my mynde: 3 My lyppes shal talke of no vanyte, and my tonge shall speake no dysceate, 4 whyle my breth is in me, and as longe as the wynde (that God hath geuen me) is in my nostrels. 5 God forbid, that I shulde graunte youre cause to be ryght. As for me, vntyil myne ende come wyll I neuer goo fro myne innocency. 6 My ryghtwes dealynge kepe I fast, which I wyll not forsake: my hert shall not reproue me of my dayes. 7 Therfore, myne enemy shalbe founde as the vngodly, and he that taketh parte agaynst me, as the vnryghteous. 8 For what hope hath the ypocryte though he haue greate good, and though God geue him riches after his hertes desyre? 9 Doth God heare him the soner, when he crieth vnto him in hys necessite? 10 Hath he soch pleasure and delyte in the Almightye, that he darre alwaye call vpon God? 11 I wyll teach you in the name of God, and the thinge that I haue of the Almyghtie, will I not kepe from you, 12 Beholde, ye stande in youre awne conceate, as though ye knewe all thynges. Wherfore then do ye go aboute with soch vayne wordes, 13 sayenge. This is the porcion that the wycked shall haue of God, and the heretage that Tyrauntes shall receaue of the Almyghtie. 14 If he get many children, they shall perish with the swerde, and his posterite shall haue scarcenesse of bred. 15 Loke whom he leaueth behinde him, they shall dye and be buried, and no man shall haue pitye of hys wyddowes. 16 Though he haue as moch money as the dust of the earth, and rayment as ready as the claye, 17 he maye well prepare it: but the godly shall put it vpon hym, and the innocent shall deale out the money. 18 His house shall endure as the moth, and as a boothe that the watch man maketh. 19 When the ryche man dyeth, he carieth nothynge with him: he is gone in the twyncklinge of an eye and hath nothynge. 20 Destruccion taketh holde vpon him as a water floude, & the tempest stealeth him awaye in the nyght season. 21 A vehement east winde caryeth hym hence, and departeth, a storme plucketh hym oute of his place. 22 It russheth in vpon him, and spareth hym not, he maye not escape from the power therof. 23 Then clappe men their handes at him, yee, & ieast of hym when they loke vpon his place.