Job 27

Bishops(i) 1 And Iob proceeded and went foorth in his parable, saying 2 As God lyueth whiche hath taken away my iudgement, and the almightie that hath vexed my minde 3 Whyle my breath is in me, and the winde that God hath geuen me is in my nostrels 4 My lippes shall talke of no vanitie, and my tongue shall speake no disceite 5 God forbyd that I should graunt your cause to be right: As for me, vntill myne end come will I neuer go fro myne innocentie 6 My righteous dealing kepe I fast, which I will not forsake: my heart shal not reproue me of my dayes 7 Therfore myne enemie shalbe founde as the vngodly, and he that taketh part against me, as the vnrighteous 8 For what hope hath the hypocrite though he haue great good, if God take away his soule 9 Will God heare his crye, when trouble commeth vpon him 10 Hath he such pleasure and delite in the almightie, that he dare alway call vpon God 11 I wil teache you in the name of God, and the thing of the almightie will I not kepe from you 12 Behold, all ye your selues haue seene it, why then do ye thus vanishe in vanitie 13 Saying: This is the portion that the wicked haue of God, and the heritage that tyrauntes shall receaue of the almightie 14 If he get many children, they shall perishe with the sworde, and his posteritie shall haue scarcenesse of bread 15 His remnaunt shalbe buried in death, and his widowes shall not weepe 16 Though he heape vp siluer as the dust, and prepare rayment as the clay 17 He may well prepare it, but the godly shall put it on, and the innocent shall deale out the money 18 He buyldeth his house as the moth, & as a booth that the watchman maketh 19 When the riche man sleepeth, he shall not be gathered [to his fathers,] they opened their eyes, and he was gone 20 Terrour taketh holde vpon hym as a water fludde, and the tempest stealeth him away in the night season 21 A vehement east winde caryeth him hence, and he departeth: a storme hurleth him out of his place 22 God shal cast vpon him, and not spare, though he woulde fayne flee out of his hande 23 Then clap men their handes at hym, and hisse at him out of his place