Jeremiah 22:24-28

Great(i) 24 As truly as I lyue (sayeth the Lorde:) Though Conanias the sonne of Iehoakim kynge of Iuda were the sygnet of my right hande, yet will I plucke him of. 25 And I will geue the into the power of them that seke to slaye the, and into the power of them that thou fearest: into the power of Nabuchodonosor the Kynge of Babylon, and into the power of the Caldees. 26 Moreouer, I wyll sende the, and thy mother that bare the into a straunge lande, where ye were not borne, and there shall ye dye. 27 But as for the lande that ye wyll desyre to returne vnto, ye shal neuer come at it agayne. 28 This man Conanias shall be lyke an ymage robbed & torne in peces, which pleaseth noman, for all hys apparell. Wherfore both he and his sede shalbe sent awaye, and cast out into a lande, that they knowe not.
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