Jeremiah 22:24-28

  24 H2416 As I live, H5002 says H3068 Yahweh, H3659 though Coniah H1121 the son H3079 of Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H2368 were the signet H3225 on my right H3027 hand, H5423 yet would I pluck you there;
  25 H5414 and I will give H3027 you into the hand H1245 of those who seek H5315 your life, H3027 and into the hand H6440 of them of whom H3016 you are afraid, H3027 even into the hand H5019 of Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon, H3027 and into the hand H3778 of the Chaldeans.
  26 H2904 I will cast you out, H517 and your mother H3205 who bore H312 you, into another H776 country, H3205 where you were not born; H4191 and there you will die.
  27 H776 But to the land H5375 whereunto their soul longs H7725 to return, H7725 there shall they not return.
  28 H376 Is this man H3659 Coniah H959 a despised H5310 broken H6089 vessel? H3627 is he a vessel H2656 in which none delights? H7993 why are they cast out, H2233 he and his seed, H2904 and are cast H776 into the land H3045 which they don't know?
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