Psalms 22

ECB(i) 1 To His Eminence; On the Hind of the Dawn: A Psalm by David. My El, my El, why forsake you me? - so far from my salvation and from the words of my roaring? 2 O my Elohim, I call by day, and you answer not; and by night, and am not silent. 3 And you are holy - you who settles in the halals of Yisra El. 4 Our fathers confided in you - they confided and you slipped them away: 5 they cried to you and escaped; they confided in you and shamed not. 6 I am but a maggot - not a man; a reproach of humanity despised of the people. 7 All who see me deride me; they bust out the lip, they shake the head, 8 saying, Roll on Yah Veh! He rescues him! He slips him away, seeing he delights in him! 9 For you are he who gushed me from the belly; to confide in you at the breasts of my mother. 10 I was cast on you from the womb; you are my El from the belly of my mother. 11 Be not far from me; for tribulation is near: for there is no helper. 12 Many bullocks surround me; the mighty of Bashan surround me: 13 they gape on me with their mouths as a tearing and a roaring lion. 14 I am poured as water and all my bones separate; my heart is as wax melted midst my inwards; 15 my force is dried as a potsherd; my tongue adheres to my prey; you set me into the dust of death. 16 For dogs surround me; the witness of vilifiers surround me: my hands and my feet as a lion. 17 I scribe all my bones; they look and see me; 18 they allot my clothes among them and toss pebbles for my robe. 19 And you, O Yah Veh, be not far from me; O my might, hasten to help me: 20 rescue my soul from the sword; my only from the hand of the dog: 21 save me from the mouth of the lion; from the horns of the reems, answer me. 22 I scribe your name to my brothers; midst the congregation I halal you. 23 You who awe Yah Veh, halal him; all you seed of Yaaqov, honor him; and dodge him, all you seed of Yisra El. 24 For he neither despises nor abominates the humbling of the humble; nor hides his face from him; and in crying to him, he hears. 25 My halal is of you in the great congregation; I shalam my vows in front of them who awe him. 26 The humble eat - satisfied; they who seek Yah Veh halal him; your heart lives eternally. 27 All the finalities of the world remember and turn to Yah Veh; and all the families of the goyim prostrate at your face. 28 For the sovereigndom is to Yah Veh; he is the sovereign among the goyim. 29 All the fat on earth eat and prostrate; all they who descend to the dust kneel at his face; and none enlivens his own soul. 30 A seed serves him; - ascribed to Adonay for a generation. 31 They come and tell his justness to a people yet to be birthed - whom he has worked.