Psalms 22

Coverdale(i) 1 My God, my God: why hast thou forsaken me? ye wordes of my coplaynte are farre fro my health. 2 O my God, I crie in the daye tyme, but thou hearest not: and in the night season also I take no rest. 3 Yet dwellest thou in the Sanctuary, o thou worshipe of Israel. 4 Oure fathers hoped in the, they trusted in the, ad thou dyddest delyuer them. 5 They callled vpon the, and were helped: they put their trust in the, and were not cofounded. 6 But as for me, I am a worme and no man: a very scorne of me and the outcast of the people. 7 All they yt se me, laugh me to scorne: they shute out their lippes, and shake their heades. 8 He trusted in God, let him delyuer him: let him helpe hi, yf he wil haue him. 9 But thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wobe: thou wast my hope, when I hanged yet vpon my mothers brestes. 10 I haue bene left vnto the euer sence I was borne, thou art my God, eue fro my mothers wombe. 11 O go not fro me the, for trouble is harde at honde, and here is none to helpe me. 12 Greate bulles are come aboute me, fatt oxen close me in on euery syde. 13 They gape vpon me with their mouthes, as it were a rampinge and roaringe lyon. 14 I am poured out like water, all my bones are out of ioynt: my hert in the myddest off my body is euen like meltinge waxe. 15 My strength is dried vp like a potsherde, my tunge cleueth to my goomes, and thou hast brought me in to the dust of death. 16 For dogges are come aboute me, the coucell of ye wicked hath layed sege agaynst me. 17 They pearsed my hondes and my fete, I might haue tolde all my bones: as for them, they stode staringe and lokinge vpon me. 18 They haue parted my garmentes amonge them, ad cast lottes vpon my vesture. 19 But be not thou farre fro me, o LORDE: thou art my sucoure, haist the to helpe me. 20 Delyuer my soule from the swearde, my dearlinge from the power of the dogge. 21 Saue me from the lyons mouth, and heare me fro amonge the hornes off the vnicornes. 22 So will I declare thy name vnto my brethren, in the myddest off the congregacion will I prayse the. 23 O prayse the LORDE ye that feare him: Magnifie him all ye sede of Iacob, & let all ye sede of Israel feare hi. 24 For he hath not despysed ner abhorred the myserable estate of the poore: he hath not hyd his face fro me, but whe I called vnto him, he herde me. 25 I wil prayse the in the greate congregacion, and perfourme my vowes in the sight off all the that feare the. 26 The poore shal eate ad be satisfied: they yt seke after ye LORDE shal prayse him: youre herte shal lyue for euer. 27 All the endes of the worlde shal remembre themselues, & be turned vnto the LORDE: and all the generacions of the Heithen shal worsh pe before him. 28 For the kyngdome is the LORDES, and he shal be the gouernoure of ye Heithen. 29 All soch as be fat vpo earth, shal eate also and worshipe: 30 All they that lye in the dust, and lyue so hardly, shall fall downe before him. 31 The sede shall serue him, and preach of the LORDE for euer. They shal come, & declare his rightuousnes: vnto a people that shal be borne, who the LORDE hath made.