Psalms 22

CLV(i) 1 {A Davidic Psalm{ My El! My El! Why have You forsaken me? Far from my salvation are these words of my roaring. 2 My Elohim, I am calling by day, yet You are not answering, And by night, yet there is no stillness for me." 3 But You are holy, The One dwelling among the praises of Israel." 4 In You our fathers trusted; They trusted, and You delivered them." 5 To You they cried out, and they escaped; In You they trusted, and they were not put to shame." 6 But I am a worm and not a man, A reproach to humanity and despised by the people." 7 All those seeing me deride me; They open up their lip in sneering; They wag their head, saying, 8 He exults in Yahweh; let Him deliver him! Let Him rescue him, since He delights in him!" 9 Indeed You were the One rushing me forth from the belly, Causing me to trust on my mother's breasts." 10 On You was I flung from the womb; From my mother's belly, You have been my El." 11 O do not be far from me, For distress is near, Because there is no one helping." 12 Many young bulls surround me; Sturdy ones of Bashan, they compass me about." 13 They open their mouth wide against me Like a lion, ravening and roaring." 14 I am poured out like water, And all my bones are disjointed. My heart has become like wax; It is melted in the midst of my bowels." 15 My vigor is dried up like earthenware, And my tongue clings to my jaws; You bring me low to the soil of death." 16 For curs have surrounded me; The crowd of evildoers has encompassed me; They dig into my hands and my feet. 17 I number all my bones; They look; they stare at me. 18 They apportion my garments among themselves, And they cast the lot for my clothing." 19 Yet You, O Yahweh, do not be far away! My Fortitude, do hurry to my help!" 20 Do rescue my soul from the sword, My only one from the paw of the cur." 21 Save me from the mouth of the lion And from the horns of the wild bulls-- You have answered me! 22 Let me recount Your Name to my brothers; In the midst of the assembly shall I praise You. 23 Those fearing Yahweh, praise Him! All the seed of Jacob, glorify Him! And revere Him, all the seed of Israel!" 24 For He has neither despised Nor abominated the humiliation of the humbled, And He has not concealed His face from him. But when he implored to Him, He hearkened." 25 From You comes my praise in the vast assembly; I shall pay my vows in front of those fearing Him. 26 The humbled shall eat and shall be satisfied; And those seeking after Him shall praise Yahweh. May their hearts live for the future. 27 All the limits of the earth shall remember and return to Yahweh, And all the families of the nations shall bow down before Him." 28 For Yahweh's is the kingdom, And He is the One ruling among the nations." 29 Yea, to Him shall bow down All those about to be sleeping in the earth; Before Him shall crouch All those descending to the soil. And he who did not keep his soul alive--" 30 His seed shall serve Him; It shall be recounted about Yahweh To the generation that is coming. 31 And they shall tell of His righteousness To a people about to be born. Declaring that He has done this.