John 13

ECB(i) 1
Preceding the celebration of the pasach, Yah Shua, knowing his hour to depart from this cosmos to the Father is come, loving his own who are in the cosmos, he loves them to the completion/shalom. 2
And being supper; Diabolos having already put into the heart of Yah Hudah the urbanite the son of Shimon to betray him; 3 Yah Shua, knowing that the Father gave all into his hands and that he comes from Elohim and goes to Elohim, 4 he rises from supper and places his clothing; and takes a linen and girds himself: 5 so he pours water into a bason and begins to wash the feet of the disciples; and to squeezedry them with the linen he is girt. 6 So he comes to Shimon Petros: and Petros words to him, Adonay, you - wash my feet? 7 Yah Shua answers him, saying, What I do you know not now; but after this you know. 8 Petros words to him, You wash not my feet to the eons. Yah Shua answers him, Unless I wash you, you have no part with me. 9 Shimon Petros words to him, Adonay, not only my feet but also my hands and my head. 10 Yah Shua words to him, Whoever bathes, need not wash, except his feet, but is wholly pure: and you are pure - but indeed not all. 11 - for he knows who is to betray him; so he says, You are not all pure. 12
After he washes their feet, and takes his clothing and reposes again, he says to them, Know you what I did to you? 13 You voice out to me, Doctor and Adonay: and you word well; for I am. 14 So if I, your Adonay and Doctor, wash your feet; you also are indebted to wash the feet of one another: 15 for I give you an example to do exactly as I do to you. 16 Amen! Amen! I word to you, Neither is the servant greater than his adoni; nor the apostolized greater than he who sent him. 17 If you know these, blessed - whenever you do them. 18 I word not concerning you all: I know whom I chose: except to fulfill/shalam the scripture, He who eats bread with me lifts his heel against me. Psalm 41:9 19 Now I word to you ere it becomes, so, whenever it becomes, you trust that I AM. 20 Amen! Amen! I word to you, Whoever takes whomever I send, takes me; and whoever takes me, takes him who sent me. 21 Saying thus, Yah Shua is troubled in spirit, and witnesses, and says, Amen! Amen! I word to you, that one of you betrays me. 22 So the disciples look at one another, perplexed about whom he words: 23 and reposing in the bosom of Yah Shua is one of his disciples whom Yah Shua loves: 24 so Shimon Petros beckons him to ask who it is concerning whom he words. 25 Then, falling on the chest of Yah Shua, he words to him, Adonay, who is it? 26 Yah Shua answers, It is he, to whom I give a morsel when I baptize it. - and he baptizes the morsel and gives it to Yah Hudah the urbanite of Shimon. 27
And after the morsel, then Satan enters him: and Yah Shua words to him, What you do, do quickly. 28 And no one reposing knows why he says this to him. 29 For some think, because Yah Hudah had the bag, that Yah Shua words to him, Market what we need for the the celebration; or to give somewhat to the poor. 30 So he takes the morsel and straightway goes: and it is night. 31 So when he goes, Yah Shua words, Now the Son of humanity is glorifiedl and Elohim is glorified in him: 32 if Elohim is glorified in him, Elohim also glorifies him in himself, and straightway glorifies him. 33 Little children, yet a little I am with you. You seek me: and exactly as I say to the Yah Hudiym, Where I go, you cannot come; - I also word to you. 34
A new misvah I give you - to love one another; exactly as I love you, you also love one another: 35 by this everyone knows you are my disciples - whenever you have love in one another. 36 Shimon Petros words to him, Adonay, where go you? Yah Shua answers him, Where I go, you cannot follow me now - but follow me afterwards. 37 Petros words to him, Adonay, why cannot I follow you now? I place my soul for your sake. 38 Yah Shua answers him, You, place your soul for my sake? Amen! Amen! I word to you, The rooster voices not, until you utterly deny me thrice.