Genesis 35

ECB(i) 1
And Elohim says to Yaaqov, Rise, ascend to Beth El and settle there: and work there a sacrifice altar to El; who was seen by you when you fled the face of Esav your brother. 2 And Yaaqov says to his household and to all with him, Turn aside the strange elohim among you and purify and change your clothes: 3 and we rise and ascend to Beth El; and I work there a sacrifice altar to El, who answers me in the day of my tribulation and is with me in the way I go. 4 And they give Yaaqov all the strange elohim in their hand and all their noserings in their ears; and Yaaqov buries them under the oak by Shechem: 5 and they pull stakes: and the terror of Elohim on the cities surrounding them; and they pursue not after the sons of Yaaqov. 6 So Yaaqov comes to Luz in the land of Kenaan - Beth El - he and all the people with him: 7 and he builds there a sacrifice altar and calls the place El Beth El: because there Elohim exposed himself to him, when he fled the face of his brother. 8 And Deborah the suckler of Ribqah dies and they entomb her beneath Beth El under an oak: and they call the name thereof Allon Bachuth. 9 And Elohim appears to Yaaqov again, when he comes from Paddan Aram, and blesses him. 10
And Elohim says to him, Your name is Yaaqov: your name is no more called Yaaqov, but Yisra El is your name: and he calls his name Yisra El. 11 And Elohim says to him, I - El Shadday: bear fruit and abound; a goyim and a congregation of goyim become from you; and sovereigns come from your loins: 12 and the land I gave Abraham and Yischaq, I give to you and to your seed after you I give the land. 13 And Elohim ascends from him from the place he worded with him: 14 and Yaaqov stations a monolith in the place he worded with him - even a monolith of stone: and he libates a libation thereon and he libates oil thereon: 15 and Yaaqov calls the name of the place Elohim worded with him, Beth El. 16 And they pull stakes from Beth El; and there is still a bit of land to come to Ephrath: and Rachel births and she has hard birth. 17 And so be it, in her hard birthing, the accoucheuse says to her, Awe not; you have this son also. 18 And so be it, as her soul departs - for she dies she calls his name Ben Oni - and his father calls him Ben Yamin. 19 And Rachel dies and they entomb her in the way to Ephrath - Beth Lechem: 20 and Yaaqov stations a monolith on her tomb - the monolith of the tomb of Rachel to this day. 21 And Yisra El pulls stakes and spreads his tent beyond Migdal Eder: 22 and so be it, as Yisra El tabernacles in that land, Reu Ben goes and lies with Bilhah the concubine of his father: and Yisra El hears it.
And the sons of Yaaqov are twelve: 23 The sons of Leah: Reu Ben, the firstbirth of Yaaqov and Shimon and Levi and Yah Hudah and Yissachar and Zebulun. : 24 The sons of Rachel: Yoseph and Ben Yamin. 25 And the sons of Bilhah the maid of Rachel: Dan and Naphtali. 26 And the sons of Zilpah the maid of Leah: Gad and Asher. These are the sons of Yaaqov birthed to him in Paddan Aram. 27 And Yaaqov comes to Yischaq his father to Mamre, to Qiryath Arba - Hebron, where Abraham and Yischaq sojourned. 28 And the days of Yischaq are a hundred years and eighty years: 29 and Yischaq expires and dies and is gathered to his people - aged and satisfied of days: and his sons Esav and Yaaqov entomb him.