Genesis 35

Coverdale(i) 1 And God sayde vnto Iacob: Get the vp, and go vnto Bethel, & dwell there, and make there an altare vnto the God, that appared vnto the, whan thou fleddest from thy brother Esau. 2 Then sayde Iacob vnto his housholde and to all yt were with him: Put awaye from you ye straunge goddes, that are amonge you, and clense youre selues, and chaunge youre clothes, 3 and let vs get vp, and go vnto Bethel, that I maye there make an altare vnto the God, which herde me in the tyme of my trouble, and hath bene with me in the waye that I haue gone. 4 Then gaue they him all the straunge goddes that were vnder their handes, and their earynges, and he buried them vnder an Oke that stode besyde Sichem, 5 & departed. And there came a feare of God vpon the cities that laye roude aboute, so that they folowed not after ye sonnes of Iacob. 6 So came Iacob vnto Lus in ye lande of Canaan (which is called Bethel) and all the people that were with him, 7 and there he buylded an altare, and called ye place Bethel, because the LORDE appeared vnto him there, whan he fled from his brother. 8 Then dyed Debora Rebeccas norse, and was buried beneth Bethel vnder the Oke, and it was called the Oke of lamentacion. 9 And God appeared agayne vnto Iacob, after that he was come out of Mesopotamia, and blessed him, 10 & saide vnto him: Thou art called Iacob, neuertheles thou shalt nomore be called Iacob, but Israel shal be yi name. And so was he called Israel. 11 And God sayde vnto him: I am the Allmightie God, be frutefull and multiplye: people and a multitude of people shal come of the, and kynges shall come out of thy loynes: 12 and the lande that I gaue vnto Abraham and Isaac, wyll I geue vnto the, & wyl geue it vnto thy sede after the. 13 So God departed from him, from ye place where he talked wt him. 14 And Iacob set vp a piler of stone, in the place where he talked with him, & poured drynkofferynges theron, and poured oyle vpon it. 15 And Iacob called ye place where God talked with him, Bethel. 16 And he departed from Bethel: and whan he was yet a felde brode from Ephrath, Rachel traueyled, & the byrth came harde vpon hir. 17 But whan she had soch payne in trauelynge, ye mydwife sayde vnto her: feare not, for thou shalt haue this sonne also. 18 But as hir soule was departynge, yt she must dye, she called him Ben Oni: neuertheles his father called hi Be Iamin. 19 So Rachel died, & was buried in the waye towarde Ephrath, which now is called Bethlehe. 20 And Iacob set vp a piller vpon hir graue, there is Rachels grauestone vnto this daye. 21 And Israel departed, and pitched his tent beyonde the tower of Eder. 22 And it chaunsed, that when Israel dwelt in that londe, Ruben wente and laye with Bilha his fathers concubyne, and that came to Israels eares. And Iacob had twolue sonnes. 23 The sonnes of Lea were these: Ruben Iacobs first borne sonne, Simeon, Leui, Iuda, Isachar, & Zabulo. 24 The sonnes of Rachel, were Ioseph and Ben Iamin. 25 The sonnes of Bilha Raches mayde: Dan, and Nepthali. 26 The sonnes of Silpa Leas mayde: Gad and Aser. These are ye sonnes of Iacob, which were borne vnto him in Mesopotamia. 27 And he came to his father Isaac to Mamre in to the head cite which is called Hebron, where in Abraha & Isaac were straugers. 28 And Isaac was an hundreth & foure score yeare olde, 29 & fell sicke, and dyed, & was gathered vnto his people, whan he was olde, & had lyued ynough: and his sonnes Esau & Iacob buried him.