Exodus 2

ECB(i) 1
And a man of the house of Levi goes and takes a daughter of Levi; 2 and the woman conceives and births a son: and when she sees he is goodly she hides him three moons: 3 and when she cannot still hide him she takes for him an ark of bulrushes and daubs it with bitumin and with asphalt and puts the child therein; and she puts it in the reeds by the edge of the river: 4 and his sister stands afar off to perceive what is worked to him. 5 And the daughter of Paroh descends to bathe herself at the river; and her maidens walk along by the hand of the river; and when she sees the ark among the reeds she sends her maid to take it; 6 and opens it and sees him - the child: and behold, the lad weeps: and she has compassion on him, and says, This is of the children of the Hebrews. 7 Then his sister says to the daughter of Paroh, Go I and call a woman suckler of the Hebrews to suckle the child for you? 8 And the daughter of Paroh says to her, Go. - and the virgin goes and calls the mother of the child. 9 And the daughter of Paroh says to her, Carry this child and suckle it for me and I give you your hire. - and the woman takes the child and suckles it. 10 And the child grows and she brings him to the daughter of Paroh and he becomes her son: and she calls his name Mosheh: and she says, Because I drew him from the water. 11
And so be it, in those days, Mosheh grows up; and he goes out to his brothers and sees their burdens: and he sees a man - a Misrayim smiting a man - a Hebrew, one of his brothers: 12 and he faces thus and thus and sees no man; and he smites the Misrayim and buries him in the sand. 13 And he goes out the second day, and behold, two men of the Hebrews striving together: and he says to the wicked, Why smite your friend? 14 And he says, Who set you for a man governor and a judge over us? Say you to slaughter me as you slaughtered the Misrayim? And Mosheh awes and says, Surely this word is known. 15 And Paroh hears of this and seeks to slaughter Mosheh. and Mosheh flees from the face of Paroh and settles in the land of Midyan - and he sits by a well. 16 And the priest of Midyan has seven daughters: and they come and bail and fill the troughs to moisten the flock of their father: 17 and the tenders come and expel them: and Mosheh rises and saves them and moistens their flock. 18 And they come to Reu El their father, and he says, How is it that you hasten to come today? 19 And they say, A man - a Misrayim rescued us from the hand of the tenders and in bailing, he also bailed for us and moistened the flock. 20 And he says to his daughters, And where is he? Why is this, that you leave the man? Call him to eat bread. 21 And Mosheh wills to settle with the man; and he gives Mosheh Sipporah his daughter: 22 and she births a son and he calls his name Gershom: for he says, I become a sojourner in a strange land. 23 And so be it, in these many days, the sovereign of Misrayim dies: and the sons of Yisra El sigh because of the service; and they cry because of the service and their cry ascends to Elohim: 24 and Elohim hears their groaning and Elohim remembers his covenant with Abraham with Yischaq and with Yaaqov: 25 and Elohim sees the sons of Yisra El and Elohim perceives.