Exodus 2

  1 G1510.7.3 And there was G1161   G5100 a certain man G1537 from G3588 the G5443 tribe G* of Levi, G2532 and G2983 he took G3588 of the G2364 daughters G* of Levi, G2532 and G2192 had G1473 her.
  2 G2532 And G1722 [2in G1064 3 the womb G2983 1she conceived], G2532 and G5088 bore G730 a male. G1492 And seeing G1161   G1473 that it was G791 fair, G4628.1 they sheltered G1473 it G3376 [2months G5140 1three].
  3 G1893 But when G1161   G3756 they were not able G1410   G1473 [2it G2089 3any longer G2928 1to hide], G2983 [2took G1473 3for him G3588   G3384 1his mother] G1473   G2344.3 a wicker basket G3843.1 of papyrus, G2532 and G2710.1 besmeared G1473 it with G805.1 tar, G2532 and G1685 put G3588 the G3813 male child G1519 into G1473 it, G2532 and G5087 put G1473 it G1519 into G3588 the G1678.2 marsh G3844 by G3588 the G4215 river.
  4 G2532 And G2684 [2spied out G3588   G79 1his sister] G1473   G3113 far off G3129 to learn G5100 what G3588   G576 would result G1473 to him.
  5 G2597 [5went down G1161 1And G3588 2the G2364 3daughter G* 4of Pharaoh] G3068 to bathe G1909 upon G3588 the G4215 river, G2532 and G3588   G10.3 her handmaidens G1473   G3899 came near G1909 unto G3588 the G4215 river. G2532 And G1492 they saw G3588 the G2344.3 wicker basket G1722 in G3588 the G1678.2 marsh, G649 and she sent G3588 the G10.3 handmaiden G337 to take G1473 it up.
  6 G455 And opening, G1161   G3708 she sees G3813 a male child G2799 weeping G1722 in G3588 the G2344.3 wicker basket. G2532 And G5339 [4spared G1473 5him G3588 1the G2364 2daughter G* 3of Pharaoh], G2532 and G5346 said, G575 [2from G3588 3the G3813 4male children G3588 5of the G* 6Hebrews G3778 1This one is].
  7 G2532 And G2036 [2said G3588   G79 1his sister] G1473   G3588 to the G2364 daughter G* of Pharaoh, G2309 If you want G2564 I will call G1473 for you G1135 a woman G5159.2 nursing G1537 from G3588 the G* Hebrews, G2532 and G2337 she will suckle G1473 for you G3588 the G3813 male child.
  8 G2532 And G2036 [4said G1473 5to her G3588 1the G2364 2daughter G* 3of Pharaoh], G4198 Go! G565 And going, G1161   G3588 the G3494.1 young woman G2564 called G3588 the G3384 mother G3588 of the G3813 male child.
  9 G2036 [5said G1161 1And G4314 6to G1473 7her G3588 2the G2364 3daughter G* 4of Pharaoh], G1301 Carefully keep G1473 for me G3588   G3813 this male child, G3778   G2532 and G2337 suckle G1473 it for me, G1473   G1473 and I G1161   G1325 will give G1473 to you G3588 the G3408 wage. G2983 [4took G1161 1And G3588 2the G1135 3woman] G3588 the G3813 male child, G2532 and G2337 suckled G1473 it.
  10 G100.1 [4maturing G1161 1And G3588 2the G3813 3male child], G1521 she brought G1473 it G4314 to G3588 the G2364 daughter G* of Pharaoh. G2532 And G1096 he became G1473 to her G1519 for G5207 a son. G2028 And she named G1161   G3588   G3686 his name G1473   G* Moses. G3004 Saying, G3754 For G1537 from G3588 the G5204 water G1473 I took him up. G337  
  11 G1096 And it came to pass G1161   G1722 in G3588   G2250 [3days G3588   G4183 2many G1565 1those], G3173 [3older G1096 2becoming G* 1Moses], G1831 he went forth G4314 to G3588   G80 his brethren G1473   G3588 of the G5207 sons G* of Israel. G2657 And contemplating G1161   G3588   G4192 their misery, G1473   G3708 he saw G444 an Egyptian man G*   G5180 beating G5100 a certain G* Hebrew G3588   G1438 of his own G80 brethren G3588 of the G5207 sons G* of Israel.
  12 G4017 And looking about G1161   G5602 here on this side G2532 and G5602 here on that side G3756 he did not see G3708   G3762 anyone. G2532 And G3960 striking G3588 the G* Egyptian, G2928 he hid G1473 him G1722 in G3588 the G285 sand.
  13 G1831 And coming forth G1161   G3588 the G2250 [2day G3588   G1208 1second], G3708 he saw G1417 two G435 men, G* Hebrews G1277.1 skirmishing. G2532 And G3004 he says G3588 to the G91 one in the wrong, G1302 Why G1473 do you G5180 beat G3588   G4139 your neighbor?
  14 G3588   G1161 And G2036 he said, G5100 Who G1473 placed you G2525   G758 magistrate G2532 and G1348 judge G1909 over G1473 us? G3361 Is it that G337 [3to do away with G1473 4me G1473 1you G2309 2want] G3739 in which G5158 manner G337 you did away G5504 yesterday G3588 with the G* Egyptian? G5399 [3feared G1161 1And G* 2Moses], G2532 and G2036 said, G1487 Surely G3779 thus G1717 [3apparent G1096 2has become G3588   G4487 1this thing]. G3778  
  15 G191 [3heard about G1161 1And G* 2Pharaoh] G3588   G4487 this thing, G3778   G2532 and G2212 he sought G337 to do away with G* Moses. G402 [3withdrew G1161 1But G* 2Moses] G575 from G4383 the face G* of Pharaoh, G2532 and G2730 he dwelt G1722 in G1093 the land G* of Midian. G2064 And coming G1161   G1519 into G1093 the land G* of Midian, G2523 he sat G1909 at G3588 the G5421 well.
  16 G3588 And to the G1161   G2409 priest G* of Midian G1510.7.6 there were G2033 seven G2364 daughters G4165 tending G3588 the G4263 sheep G3588   G3962 of their father G1473   G* Jethro. G3854 And they came G1161   G501 to draw water G2193 until G4130 they filled G3588 the G1186.1 troughs G4222 to water G3588 the G4263 sheep G3588   G3962 of their father G1473   G* Jethro.
  17 G3854 And coming, G1161   G3588 the G4166 shepherds G1544 cast them away. G1473   G450 [3rose up G1161 1But G* 2Moses] G4506 to rescue G1473 them, G2532 and G501 he drew water G1473 for them, G2532 and G4222 he watered G3588   G4263 their sheep. G1473  
  18 G3854 And they came G1161   G4314 to G* Reuel G3588   G3962 their father. G1473   G3588   G1161 And G2036 he said G1473 to them, G5100 Why G3754 is it that G5035.1 you hastened G3588   G3854 to come G4594 today?
  19 G3588   G1161 And G2036 they said, G444 An Egyptian man G*   G4506 rescued G1473 us G575 from G3588 the G4166 shepherds, G2532 and G501 he drew water G1473 for us, G2532 and G4222 he watered G3588   G4263 our sheep. G1473  
  20 G3588   G1161 And G2036 he said G3588 to G2364 his daughters, G1473   G2532 And G4226 where G1510.2.3 is he, G2532 and G2444 why G3779 thus G2641 have you left G3588 the G444 man? G2564 You call G3767 him indeed! G1473   G3704 that G2068 he may eat G740 bread.
  21 G2733.1 [3settled G1161 1And G* 2Moses] G3844 by G3588 the G444 man. G2532 And G1554 he handed over G* Zipporah G3588   G2364 his daughter G1473   G* to Moses G1135 as wife.
  22 G1722 [3in G1064 4 the womb G1161 1And G2983 2conceiving], G3588 the G1135 woman G5088 bore G5207 a son, G2532 and G2028 Moses named G*   G3588   G3686 his name G1473   G* Gershom, G3004 saying G3754 that, G3941 I am a sojourner G1510.2.1   G1722 in G1093 [2land G245 1an alien]. G2089 And still again G1161   G4815 conceiving, G5088 she bore G5207 [2son G1208 1a second], G2532 and G2564 he called G3588   G3686 his name G1473   G* Eliezer, G3004 saying G3754 that, G2316 the God G3588   G3962 of my father, G1473   G998 my helper, G1473   G2532 also G4506 rescued G1473 me G1537 from G5495 the hand G* of Pharaoh.
  23 G3326 And after G1161   G3588   G2250 [3days G3588   G4183 2many G1565 1those], G5053 [4came to an end G3588 1the G935 2king G* 3of Egypt], G2532 and G2687.1 [4groaned G3588 1the G5207 2sons G* 3of Israel] G575 from G3588 the G2041 works, G2532 and G310 yelled out. G2532 And G305 [2ascended G3588   G995 1their yell] G1473   G4314 to G3588   G2316 God G575 because of G3588 the G2041 works.
  24 G2532 And G1522 God listened to G3588   G2316   G3588   G4726 their moaning, G1473   G2532 and G3403 God remembered G3588   G2316   G3588   G1242 his covenant, G1473   G3588 the one G4314 with G* Abraham, G2532 and G* Isaac, G2532 and G* Jacob.
  25 G2532 And G1896 God looked upon G3588   G2316   G3588 the G5207 sons G* of Israel, G2532 and G1097 he was made known G1473 to them.