Jeremiah 49

Coverdale(i) 1 As concerninge the Ammonites, thus the LORDE saieth: Hath Israel no children, or is he without an heyre? Why hath youre kynge then taken Gad in? wherfore doth his people dwell in his cities? 2 Beholde therfore, the tyme commeth (saieth ye LORDE) that I will brynge a noyse off warre into Rabath off the Ammonites. Lahel shalbe desolate, and hir cities brent vp: and the Israelites shall be lordes ouer those, that had the in possession a fore, saieth the LORDE. 3 Hesebon shall mourne, for it shalbe roted out off the grounde, saieth the LORDE. The cities off Rabath shall crie out, and gyrde them selues with sack cloth: they shall mourne, and runne aboute the walles: for their kynge shall be led awaye presoner: yee his preestes and prynces with him. 4 Wherfore trustest thou in the water streames, that flowe to and fro, o thou fearce doughter: and thynkest thou art so safe (by reason off thy treasure) that no man shal come to the? 5 Beholde, I will brynge a feare vpon the, saieth the LORDE God off hoostes, from all those that be aboute the: so that ye shall be scatred euery man from another, and no ma shall gather them together agayne, that be fled. 6 But after that, I will bringe the Ammonites also out off captyuyte agayne. 7 Vpon the Edomites hath the LORDE off hoostes spoken on this maner: Is there nomore wy?dome in Theman? Is there nomore good councell amonge his people? Is their wy?dome then turned clene to naught? 8 Get you hence, turne youre backes, crepe downe into the depe, O ye citesyns off Dedan. For I will bringe destructio vpon Esau, yee and the daye off his visitacion. 9 Yff the grape gatherers came vpon the, shulde they not leaue some grapes? Yff the night robbers came vpon the, shulde they not take so moch, as they thought were ynough? 10 But I will make Esau bare, and discouer his secretes, so that he shall not be able to hyde them. His sede shalbe waisted awaye, yee his brethren and his neghbours, ad he himselff shall not be left behinde. 11 Thou shalt leaue thy fatherlesse children behinde the, and I will kepe them and thy wydowes shall take their comforth in me. 12 For thus hath the LORDE spoken: Beholde, they that men thought were vnmete to drinke of the cuppe, haue dronken with the first: and thynkest thou then to be fre? No, no: thou shalt nether be quyte no fre, but thou must drynke also: 13 For why, I haue sworne by my selff (saieth the LORDE) that Bosra shall become a wyldernesse, an open shame, a laughinge stocke and cursynge: and hir cities shalbe a continuall deserte. 14 For I am perfectly infourmed of the LORDE, that he hath sent a message all ready vnto the Hiethen. Gather you together, and go forth agaynst them: make you ready to the battayle, 15 for lo: I will make the but small amonge the Heithen, and litle regarded amonge men. 16 Thy hie stomack & the pryde of thy herte haue disceaued ye, because thou wilt dwell in the holes of stony rockes, and haue the hie mountaynes in possession. Neuertheles though thy nest were as hie as the Aegles, yet wil I cast the downe, saieth the LORDE. 17 Morouer Idumea shall be a wildernesse: who so goeth by it, shalbe abashed, and wondre at all hir miserable plages. 18 Like as Sodom, Gomor and the cities that laye there aboute, were turned vpsyde downe (saieth ye LORDE) so shal no body dwell in Idumea, and no man shal haue his habitacion there. 19 Beholde, like as the Lyon cometh vp from the pleasaunt medowes of Iordane vnto ye grene pastures of Etha, so wil I dryue him, & make him runne agaynst her. But who is the yonge man that I will ordene therto? Who is like, vnto me? What is he that will stryue with me? What shepherde maye stonde in my hondes? 20 Therfore heare the councell of the LORDE, that he hath taken vpon Idumea: & his purpose, that he hath deuysed vpon the citesyns of Theman: The leest of the flocke shal teare them in peces, & loke what fayre thynge they haue, they shal make it waist, & them selues also. 21 At the noyse of their fall ye earth shal quake, the crie of their voyce shalbe herde vnto the reed see. 22 Beholde, ye enemie shall come and fle vp hither, like as it were an Aegle, & sprede his wynges vpon Bosra. Then shal the hertes of the worthies in Edom be as the herte of a woman trauelinge of childe. 23 Vpon Damascus, Hemath and Arphad shall come confucion, for they shall heare euell tydinges: they shal be tossed to and fro like the see that can not stonde still. 24 Damascus shalbe sore afrayde, & shal fle, tremblinge shal come vpon her. Sorowe and payne shal ouer take her as a woman trauelinge of childe. 25 But how shulde so worshipfull and glorious a cite be forsaken? 26 Heare therfore: hir yonge men shal fall in the stretes, and all hir men of warre shal be take awaye in that tyme, saieth the LORDE of hoostes. 27 I will kyndle a fyre in the walles of Damascus, which shal cosume the palace of Benadad. 28 As for Cedar and the kyngdome of Hasor, whom Nabuchodonosor the kynge of Babilon smote downe, the LORDE hath spoken thus vpon them: Arise, and get you vp vnto Cedar, and destroye the people towarde the easte. 29 Their tentes and their flockes shal they take awaye, yee their hanginges and their vessell. Their Camels also shall they carie awaye with them. They shall come aboute them on euery syde with a fearfull crie. 30 Fle, get you soone awaye, crepe in to caues, that ye maye dwell there: O ye inhabitours of Hasor, saieth the LORDE: for Nabuchodonosor ye kinge of Babilon hath holden a councel concernynge you, & concluded his deuyce agaynst you. 31 Arise, & get you vp agaynst yonder rich & carelesse people (saieth the LORDE) which haue nether gates ner dore barres, & that dwell not together. 32 Their Camels shalbe stollen, & the droues of their catell dryuen awaye. Morouer, these that be shauen wil I scatre towarde all the wyndes, & bringe them to destruction: Yee & that thorow their owne familiers, saieth the LORDE. 33 Hasor also shall be a dwellinge for Dragons, and an euerlastinge wildernesse: so that no body shal dwell there, and no man shal haue there his habitacion. 34 These are the wordes, that the LORDE spake to the prophet Ieremy concernynge Elam, in the begynnynge of the reigne of Sedechias kinge of Iuda. 35 Thus saieth the LORDE of hoostes: Beholde, I wil breake the bowe of Elam, and take awaye their strength: 36 aud vpon Elam I wil bringe the foure wyndes from ye foure quarters of heauen, & wil scatre them agaynst the same foure wyndes. And there shal be no people, but some of Elam shal fle vnto them. 37 For I wil cause Elam be afrayed of their enemies, & of them that seke their lyues: & wil bringe vpo them the indignacion of my wrath, saieth the LORDE. And I wil persecute them with the swearde so longe til I haue brought them to naught. 38 I wil set my stole in Elam, I wil destroye both the kinge & ye prynces from thence, saieth the LORDE. 39 But in processe of tyme, I wil bringe Elam out of captiuyte agayne, saieth the LORDE.