1 Chronicles 10

Coverdale(i) 1 The Philistynes foughte agaynst Israel. And they of Israel fled before the Philistynes, and ye wounded fell vpon mount Gilboa. 2 And the Philistynes folowed vpon Saul and his sonnes, and smote Ionathas, Abinadab and Malchisua ye sonnes of Saul. 3 And the battayll was sore agaynst Saul. And the archers came vpon him, so that he was wounded of the archers 4 Then sayde Saul vnto his weapenbearer: Drawe out thy swerde, and thrust it thorow me, that these vncircumcysed come not, and deale shamefully with me. Neuertheles his weapenbearer wolde not, for he was sore afrayed. Then toke Saul his swerde, and fell therin. 5 Whan his weapenbearer sawe that Saul was deed, he fell vpon his swerde also, and dyed. 6 Thus died Saul and his thre sonnes, and all his housholde together. 7 And whan the men of Israel which were in ye valley, sawe, that Saul and his sonnes were deed, they lefte their cities and fled: and the Philistynes came and dwelt therin. 8 On the morowe came the Philistynes to spoyle the slayne, and founde Saul, and his sonnes lyenge vpon mount Gelboa, 9 and stryped him out, and toke his heade, and his harnesse, and sent it aboute in to ye londe of the Philistynes, and caused it to be shewed before their Idoles and the people. 10 And his weapens layed they in the house of their god, and styckte vp his heade vpon the house of Dagon. 11 But whan all they of Iabes in Gilead herde of euery thinge, that the Philistynes had done vnto Saul, 12 they gat them vp (as many as were men of armes) and toke the body of Saul and of his sonnes, and broughte them vnto Iabes, and buryed their bones vnder the Oke at Iabes, and fasted seuen dayes. 13 Thus dyed Saul in his trespace which he commytted agaynst the LORDE, because he kepte not the worde of the LORDE: & because he axed councell at the soythsayer, 14 and axed not at the LORDE, therfore slewe he him, & turned the kyngdome vnto Dauid.