Psalms 10

CLV(i) 1 Why are You standing far off, O Yahweh? Why are You obscuring Yourself in seasons of distress? 2 In his pride, the wicked one is dashing after the humble; Let them be grabbed in the schemes that they have devised. 3 For the wicked one boasts over the lusting of his soul, And the greedy one scorns, Yea, he spurns Yahweh. 4 In his haughty anger the wicked one is not inquiring at all. There is no Elohim in all his schemes; 5 His ways are profane in every season. Your judgments are withdrawn from in front of him; All his foes--he puffs at them. 6 He says in his heart, I shall not slip at all; For generation after generation, I shall not be in peril. 7 His mouth is full of imprecation, with deceit and fraud; Under his tongue are misery and lawlessness. 8 He sits in ambush in the hamlets; In places of concealment he kills the innocent; His eyes lurk for the pauper. 9 He waits in ambush in concealment like a lion in its covert; He waits in ambush to kidnap the humble; He kidnaps the humble by drawing him into his net. 10 The distressed one is crushed and bows down, And the army of paupers falls prey to his staunch ones. 11 He says in his heart, El has forgotten; He has concealed His face; He will not see at all, permanently. 12 Do arise, O Yahweh! O El, lift up Your hand! Do not forget the humble. 13 On what grounds does the wicked one spurn Elohim? He says in his heart that You shall not inquire. 14 You see, indeed You, the toil and vexation; You shall look to place it into Your hand. Unto You, the pauper shall entrust himself; You are the One helping the orphan. 15 Break the arm of the wicked and evil one; May You inquire into his wickedness until You find no more. 16 Yahweh is King for the eon and further. The nations will perish from His land. 17 You hear the yearning of the humble, O Yahweh; You shall establish their heart; Your ear shall attend, 18 To redress the orphan and the crushed. A mortal of the earth shall not continue at all to terrify any more. {Permanent{