Psalms 10

  1 H5975 Why standest [H8799]   H7350 thou afar off H3068 , O LORD H5956 ? why hidest [H8686]   H6256 thou thyself in times H6869 of trouble?
  2 H7563 The wicked H1346 in his pride H1814 doth persecute [H8799]   H6041 the poor H8610 : let them be taken [H8735]   H4209 in the devices H2098 that H2803 they have imagined [H8804]  .
  3 H7563 For the wicked H1984 boasteth [H8765]   H5315 of his heart's H8378 desire H1288 , and blesseth [H8765]   H1214 the covetous [H8802]   H3068 , whom the LORD H5006 abhorreth [H8765]  .
  4 H7563 The wicked H1363 , through the pride H639 of his countenance H1875 , will not seek [H8799]   H430 after God : God H4209 is not in all his thoughts.
  5 H1870 His ways H6256 are always H2342 grievous [H8799]   H4941 ; thy judgments H4791 are far above H6887 out of his sight: as for all his enemies [H8802]   H6315 , he puffeth [H8686]   at them.
  6 H559 He hath said [H8804]   H3820 in his heart H4131 , I shall not be moved [H8735]   H1755 : for I shall never H1755   H7451 be in adversity.
  7 H6310 His mouth H4390 is full [H8804]   H423 of cursing H4820 and deceit H8496 and fraud H3956 : under his tongue H5999 is mischief H205 and vanity.
  8 H3427 He sitteth [H8799]   H3993 in the lurking places H2691 of the villages H4565 : in the secret places H2026 doth he murder [H8799]   H5355 the innocent H5869 : his eyes H6845 are privily set [H8799]   H2489 against the poor.
  9 H693 He lieth in wait [H8799]   H4565 secretly H738 as a lion H5520 in his den H693 : he lieth in wait [H8799]   H2414 to catch [H8800]   H6041 the poor H2414 : he doth catch [H8799]   H6041 the poor H4900 , when he draweth [H8800]   H7568 him into his net.
  10 H1794 He croucheth [H8799]   H7817 , and humbleth [H8799]   H2426 himself, that the poor [H8675]   H2489   [H8676]   H2489   H5307 may fall [H8804]   H6099 by his strong ones.
  11 H559 He hath said [H8804]   H3820 in his heart H410 , God H7911 hath forgotten [H8804]   H5641 : he hideth [H8689]   H6440 his face H5331 ; he will never H7200 see [H8804]   it .
  12 H6965 Arise [H8798]   H3068 , O LORD H410 ; O God H5375 , lift up [H8798]   H3027 thine hand H7911 : forget [H8799]   H6035 not the humble [H8675]   H6041  .
  13 H7563 Wherefore doth the wicked H5006 contemn [H8765]   H430 God H559 ? he hath said [H8804]   H3820 in his heart H1875 , Thou wilt not require [H8799]   it .
  14 H7200 Thou hast seen [H8804]   H5027 it; for thou beholdest [H8686]   H5999 mischief H3708 and spite H5414 , to requite [H8800]   H3027 it with thy hand H2489 : the poor H5800 committeth [H8799]   H5826 himself unto thee; thou art the helper [H8802]   H3490 of the fatherless.
  15 H7665 Break [H8798]   H2220 thou the arm H7563 of the wicked H7451 and the evil H1875 man : seek out [H8799]   H7562 his wickedness H4672 till thou find [H8799]   H1077 none.
  16 H3068 The LORD H4428 is King H5769 for ever H5703 and ever H1471 : the heathen H6 are perished [H8804]   H776 out of his land.
  17 H3068 LORD H8085 , thou hast heard [H8804]   H8378 the desire H6035 of the humble H3559 : thou wilt prepare [H8686]   H3820 their heart H241 , thou wilt cause thine ear H7181 to hear [H8686]  :
  18 H8199 To judge [H8800]   H3490 the fatherless H1790 and the oppressed H582 , that the man H776 of the earth H3254 may no more [H8686]   H6206 oppress [H8800]  .