Psalms 10

Great(i) 1 Why stondest thou so farre of (O Lord) & hydest thy face in that neadefull tyme of trouble? 2 The vngodly for his owne lust, doth persecute the poore: let them be taken in the craftye wilynesse that they haue ymagined. 3 For the vngodly hath made boast of hys awne hertes desyre, & speaketh good of the couetous, whom God abhorreth. 4 The vngodly is so proude that he careth not for God, nether is God in all his thoughtes. 5 His wayes are allway greuous, thy iudgementes are farre aboue out of his syght, & therfore defyeth he all his enemyes. 6 For he hath sayed in his hert: Tush I shall neuer be cast downe, ther shall no harme happen vnto me. His mouth is full of cursynge, and disceate and fraude vnder his tonge is vngodlynesse & vanite. 7 He sytteth lurkinge in the theuish corners of the stretes, & priuely in his lurkynge dennes doth he murthur the innocent: his eyes are set agaynst the poore. 8 For he lyeth waytinge secretly (euen as a lyon, lurketh he in his denne) that he maye rauish the poore. 9 He doth rauish the poore, when he getteth him in to his nett. 10 He falleth downe & humbleth him selfe, that the congregacyon of the poore maye fall in to the hande of his captaynes. 11 He hath sayed in his herte: Tush, God hath forgotten, he hydeth awaye his face, and he wyll neuer se it. 12 Aryse (O Lorde God) and lyfte vp thyne hande, forget not the poore. 13 Wherfore shulde the wycked blaspheme God, whyle he doth saye in his herte: tush, thou God carest not for it? 14 Surely thou hast sene it. For thou beholdest vngodlynesse and wronge. That thou mayest take the matter in to thy hande: the poore committeth hym selfe vnto the, for thou art the helper of the frendlesse. 15 Breake thou the power of the vngodly and malycyous, take awaye hys vngodlynesse, and thou shalt fynde none. 16 The Lorde is kynge for euer, and euer, and the Hethen are peryshed out of the lande. 17 Lorde, thou hast hearde the desyre of the poore: thou preparest theyr hert and thyne eare herkeneth therto. 18 To helpe the fatherlesse and poore vnto theyr right: that the man of the erthe be no more exalted agaynst them.