Deuteronomy 18:15-19

  15 H3068 The Lord H430 your God H6965 will raise up H5030 unto you a Prophet H7130 from the middle H251 of you, of your brothers, H8085 like unto me; unto him you shall listen;
  16 H7592 According to all that you desired H3068 of the Lord H430 your God H2722 in Horeb H3117 in the day H6951 of the assembly, H559 saying, H8085 Let me not hear H3254 again H6963 the voice H3068 of the Lord H430 my God, H7200 neither let me see H1419 this great H784 fire H4191 any more, that I die not.
  17 H3068 And the Lord H559 said H3190 unto me, They have well H1696 spoken that which they have spoken.
  18 H6965 I will raise them up H5030 a Prophet H7130 from among H251 their brothers, H5414 like unto you, and will put H1697 my words H6310 in his mouth; H1696 and he shall speak H6680 unto them all that I shall command him.
  19 H376 And it shall come to pass, that whoever H8085 will not listen H1697 unto my words H1696 which he shall speak H8034 in my name, H1875 I will require it of him.