Deuteronomy 19

  1 H3068 When the Lord H430 your God H3772 has cut off H1471 the nations, H776 whose land H3068 the Lord H430 your God H5414 gives H3423 you, and you succeed H3427 them, and live H5892 in their cities, H1004 and in their houses;
  2 H914 You shall separate H7969 three H5892 cities H8432 for you in the middle H776 of your land, H3068 which the Lord H430 your God H5414 gives H3423 you to possess it.
  3 H3559 You shall prepare H1870 you a way, H1366 and divide the coasts H776 of your land, H3068 which the Lord H430 your God H5157 gives you to inherit, H8027 into three parts, H7523 that every slayer H5127 may flee there.
  4 H1697 And this is the case H7523 of the slayer, H5127 which shall flee H2425 there, that he may live: H5221 Whoever kills H7453 his neighbor H1097 ignorantly, H8130 whom he hated H8543 not in time H8032 past;
  5 H935 As when a man goes H3293 into the wood H7453 with his neighbor H2404 to hew H6086 wood, H3027 and his hand H5080 fetches a stroke H1631 with the axe H3772 to cut down H6086 the tree, H1270 and the head H5394 slips H6086 from the handle, H4672 and lights H7453 upon his neighbor, H4191 that he die; H5127 he shall flee H259 unto one H5892 of those cities, H2425 and live:
  6 H1350 Lest the avenger H1818 of the blood H7291 pursue H310 the slayer, H3588 while H3824 his heart H3179 is hot, H5381 and overtake H1870 him, because the way H7235 is long, H5221 and kill H5315 him; H4941 whereas he was not worthy H4194 of death, H3588 inasmuch as H8130 he hated H8543 him not in time H8032 past.
  7 H6680 Why I command H559 you, saying, H914 You shall separate H7969 three H5892 cities for you.
  8 H3068 And if the Lord H430 your God H7337 enlarge H1366 your coast, H7650 as he has sworn H1 unto your fathers, H5414 and give H776 you all the land H1696 which he promised H5414 to give H1 unto your fathers;
  9 H8104 If you shall keep H4687 all these commandments H6213 to do H6680 them, which I command H3117 you this day, H157 to love H3068 the Lord H430 your God, H3212 and to walk H3117 ever H1870 in his ways; H3254 then shall you add H7969 three H5892 cities H7969 more for you, beside these three:
  10 H5355 That innocent H1818 blood H8210 be not shed H7130 in H776 your land, H3068 which the Lord H430 your God H5414 gives H5159 you for an inheritance, H1818 and so blood be upon you.
  11 H376 But if any man H8130 hate H7453 his neighbor, H693 and lie in wait H6965 for him, and rise up H5221 against him, and strike H5315 him mortally H4191 that he die, H5127 and flees H259 into one H411 of these H5892 cities:
  12 H2205 Then the elders H5892 of his city H7971 shall send H3947 and fetch H5414 him there, and deliver H3027 him into the hand H1350 of the avenger H1818 of blood, H4191 that he may die.
  13 H5869 Your eye H2347 shall not pity H1197 him, but you shall put away H5355 the guilt of innocent H1818 blood H3478 from Israel, H2895 that it may go well with you.
  14 H5253 You shall not remove H7453 your neighbour's H1366 landmark, H7223 which they of old time H1379 have set H5159 in your inheritance, H5157 which you shall inherit H776 in the land H3068 that the Lord H430 your God H5414 gives H3423 you to possess it.
  15 H259 One H5707 witness H6965 shall not rise up H376 against a man H5771 for any iniquity, H2403 or for any sin, H2399 in any sin H2398 that he sins: H6310 at the mouth H8147 of two H5707 witnesses, H6310 or at the mouth H7969 of three H5707 witnesses, H1697 shall the matter H6965 be established.
  16 H2555 If a false H5707 witness H6965 rise up H376 against any man H6030 to testify H5627 against him that which is wrong;
  17 H8147 Then both H582 the men, H7379 between whom the controversy H5975 is, shall stand H6440 before H3068 the Lord, H6440 before H3548 the priests H8199 and the judges, H3117 which shall be in those days;
  18 H8199 And the judges H3190 shall make diligent H1875 inquisition: H5707 and, behold, if the witness H8267 be a false H5707 witness, H6030 and has testified H8267 falsely H251 against his brother;
  19 H6213 Then shall you do H2161 unto him, as he had thought H6213 to have done H251 unto his brother: H1197 so shall you put H7451 the evil H1197 away H7130 from among you.
  20 H7604 And those which remain H8085 shall hear, H3372 and fear, H3254 and shall henceforth H6213 commit H1697 no more any H7451 such evil H7130 among you.
  21 H5869 And your eye H2347 shall not pity; H5315 but life H5315 shall go for life, H5869 eye H5869 for eye, H8127 tooth H8127 for tooth, H3027 hand H3027 for hand, H7272 foot H7272 for foot.